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AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings aumiGRiP Base Coat Clear Coat High quality coatings for General Aviation aircraft Alumigrip® is recognized for outstanding quality, superb appearance and peace of mind. The new Alumigrip® Base Coat and Alumigrip® Clear Coat products add the latest in topcoat technology to AkzoNobel Aerospace Products’ portfolio of coatings solutions for the General and Business Aviation Market. AkzoNobel Tomorrow’s Answers Today Features of the system: • Three component, high solids (low VOC) topcoat formulated to exceed the performance and appearance requirements of the General Aviation Industry. • Resistant to military and commercial aircraft fluids and is also solvent resistant. • Buffable: means less re-work resulting in reduced labor costs. • Extended durability 1. Improved color retention 2. Improved gloss retention 3. Longer coating life 4. Reduced cost over life of aircraft • Designed to reduce cycle times by up to 40% compared with paint systems currently on the market: 1. Superior hiding properties of the Alumigrip® Base Coat allows applicators to achieve full hide in fewer layers, reducing application time 2. Masking tape can be applied within 2 hours of application saving up to six hours or more dry time per color 3. A full line of activators for both Alumigrip® Base Coat and Alumigrip® Clear Coat is designed to address a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions allowing painting to be performed virtually anytime, anyplace. Blue = primer/surfacer I_ Gray = dry time White = Topcoat Red = Topcoat ^ Green = Topcoat nz Gold = Topcoat nz Gradient gray/white = clear coat Q Current ALUMIGRiP® 4200 ALUMIGRiP® Base Coat / system ALUMIGRiP® Clear Coat

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“The cost effectiveness of the product, including the process of “prepping” the aircraft is advantageous. It cuts down on shop materials, preparation time and leaves a nice gloss on the final product. I particularly like the Alumigrip® Clear Coat. It is easy to use, and in my opinion one of the best clear coats I have used in my career. “ Robert Loomis Loomis Executive Jet Refinishing For more information on ­AkzoNobel ­Aerospace Coatings contact your ­local ­representative or visit our website at: e-mail us at: AkzoNobel is the...

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