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Aerowave®  Series - 1

AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings Next generation structural waterborne coatings

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Aerowave®  Series - 2

Most of the internal, structural parts of an aircraft are sealed into areas of the structure that will never be accessed again during the life of the airframe which can be as long as 30 years. As such, the materials used to protect these parts need to have exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance along with flexibility to ensure the integrity of the paint film as the aircraft flexes during flight. The next generation Aerowave® Series of Structural Waterborne Coatings provides these features along with optimal process/application time for OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) while...

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Aerowave®  Series - 3

Optimized film formation (Coalescence) Obtain better adhesion no matter what new substrate or pre-treatment. • Better substrate wetting properties • Good layer thickness control • Better adhesion & flexibility • Compatible with new substrates & pre-treatments • Chrome-free chemical conversion coating • Chrome-free anodizing process • Consistent film properties during pot life • Less sensitive to substrate contamination Optimized application • Compatible with all conventional, plural, and next generation spray equipment • Compatible with waterborne electrostatic spray equipment • Required...

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Aerowave®  Series - 4

The next generation Aerowave® Series Structural Waterborne Coatings are formulated to optimize process/application time, waste, and coating weight. Reduced process/application time Mixing preparation for first and second generation structural coatings is complicated, time-consuming, and can be expensive. Mixing at high and medium sheers requires constant mechanical agitation. This means investing in special mixing equipment. Additionally, the products are difficult to mix in two component spray equipment. This can lead to poor film formation and film faults. Moving to Aerowave® Series Next...

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Aerowave®  Series - 5

Superior support AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings’ various locations and vast number of distribution partners allow for fast delivery no matter where an aircraft is being built or repaired. High-quality technical support is also available for added convenience and peace of mind. To find out more about the next generation Aerowave® Series of Structural Waterborne Coatings, visit us on-line at or call your local AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings representative.

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Aerowave®  Series - 6

System options Aerowave® 2001 - Corrosion inhibiting primer for metallic and non-metallic substrates Designed for metallic and non-metallic substrates, this is a waterborne, two-component, corrosion inhibiting, chromated, amine-cured epoxy primer. Aerowave® 2001 is easily mixed and applied, and provides an extremely durable and fast-curing primer finish. Aerowave® 2002 - Non-corrosion inhibiting primer for composite substrates Designed for composite substrates, this primer is a waterborne, two-component, non-corrosion inhibiting, chrome-free amine-cured epoxy. The primer provides...

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Aerowave®  Series - 7

A better choice for the environment Ease environmental concerns with the low VOC, waterborne choice that provides less application waste and the opportunity for less fuel consumption in service. • Up to 75% less chromates • Less waste • Up to 20% less coating weight • Less weight on an aircraft = less fuel consumption • Waterborne technology • Safer for the environment • Less organic solvent (VOC) emissions • Reduction of hazardous materials

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Aerowave®  Series - 8

Germany - Hamburg Phone + 49 40 5268380 Japan - Tokyo Phone + 81 3 52762050 The Netherlands - Sassenheim Phone + 31 71 3082905 Russia - Moscow Phone + 7 495 7950149 United Kingdom - Leicester Phone + 44 11 62234123 United States - Waukegan, Illinois Phone + 1 847 623 4200 AkzoNobel Tomorrow’s Answers Today We’re the largest global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals. We supply industries worldwide with quality ingredients for life’s essentials. We think about the future, but act in the present. We’re...

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