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electric micro-scissorlift safely higher. The platform with 1m extension and single capacity allows to work in maximum stability and safety at the maximum extension of the machine: this means that the load capacity can be fully exploited without sacrificing height and the whole area of extension. The XS models have been designed and built to stand up well over time, guaranteeing operational continuity and greater efficiency. The solid handrails and the extension with roller bearings guarantee stability, safety and agility while working.

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Technical data *XS8 E WIND in outdoor 250kg 1 person Tigieffe Srl follows a policy of continuous product improvement. Photographs used may represent equipment including accessories and options. Specifications are indicative and subject to change without notice. Some accessories or national standards may result in an increase in weight. Technical specifications may vary according to national standards or with the addition of optional equipment. Standard Version • Electro- hydraulic transmission and proportional controls • Deep Cycle batteries and integrated sealed charger • Electric scissor...

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