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High-Pressure Accessories “UNPARALLELED PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY UNDER PRESSURE!” Dump Valves  Pressures up to 10,000 psi (689 bar)  No flow restrictions for high/low pressure ports  Double pilot, air-actuated  NPT port style  Seals compatible with most liquids  Stainless steel construction DESCRIPTION NuQuip® Model DV Series Dump Valves are pneumaticallyoperated valves for managing the flow of liquids in a hydrostatic pressure system. The dump valve is designed to have no flow restrictions between the high and low pressure fluid ports. The integral air actuators provide rapid movement when operating at maximum working pressures up to 10,000 psi (689 bar) using 100 psi (7 bar) air. Higher operating pressures and custom configurations will be considered. APPLICATION The NuQuip® Model DV Series Dump Valve is suitable to control system liquids in high pressure applications with working pressures up to 10,000 psi (689 bar). The stainless steel construction makes this valve very durable, with minimal maintenance needed. The DV Valve is available with optional mounting brackets. MATERIALS Wetted Parts: Heat-treated, stainless steel VALVE CONFIGURATION Flow Rate: Operation: Port Styles: Seals: Mounting: No flow restrictions between high and low pressure fluid ports Double pilot, air-actuated NPT Compatible with most liquids Optional mounting brackets OPERATING CONDITIONS Maximum Pressure: 10,000 psi (689 bar) Temperature: 32º F to 120º F (0º C to 49º C) Services: Water, oil, and other liquids Air Requirements: 100 psi (7 bar) AIRMO, INC. 9445 Evergreen Blvd. NW, Minneapolis, MN 55433-5840 USA PHONE: 1(763) 786-0000 or 1(800) 394-0016 | FAX: 1(763) 786-4622 | EMAIL: | WEBSITE: S139.A.0520 © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Contents subject to change. All trademarks are the p

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