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Model 264 Series - 1

JcstMastbr Hydrostatic Pressure Systems and Test Tooling TestMaster® Model 264 Series Hydrostatic Test Tools ■ Pressures up to 20,000 psi (1,379 bar) ■I 0.13 in. to 1.78 in. OD (3.2 mm to 45.2 mm OD) ■I Collet grip and seal on tube OD ■I Manual lever grip release ■ Pressure-compensated spring grip Maximum Pressure: Temperature: Services: Tube OD Range: OD Tolerance: The patented TestMaster® Model 264 Series Hydrostatic Test Tool offers fast, snap-on coupling and positive sealing of tubes, tube assemblies and systems. The hydraulic sealing mechanisms along with the safety spring pre-grip, assure a constant, positive grip during any work or operation cycle. The tool can be used with a variety of services including air, water, oil, or other liquids on request. This precision-machined tooling provides versatility for use in high-pressure testing applications. Its short, outside collet grip is beneficial for applications with short tube ends. The compact, balanced design of the Model 264 connects and disconnects easily; and is particularly suited for restricted areas, such as aircraft hydraulic and fuel line locations. The Model 264 Series Tool handles standard and metric tube, pipe, and fitting sizes from 0.13 in. to 1.78 in. (3.2 mm to 45.2 mm) in diameter. Special tube sizes and tool configurations will be considered upon request. OPERATION Connect the Model 264 Tool to the pressure line. Attach the tool to the tube by pressing the handle to retract collets. Push the tube into the tool until pressed against the tube stop. This instantly provides a complete seal. When the tool's handle is released the collets are engaged and ready for safe operation. Next apply test pressure to desired level, but do not exceed maximum operation pressure. To disconnect after operation cycles, press handle to release collets and pull to remove tool. The TestMaster® Model 264 Series Hydrostatic Test Tool is a snap-on tool, suitable for hydrostatic pressure testing and hydro-expansion of tubes with working pressures up to 20,000 psi (1,379 bar). This tool is suitable for testing according to military, nuclear, automotive, and aerospace specifications such as API, ASTM, ASME, ISO, DIN, and BS. MATERIALS Wetted Parts: Heat-treated, stainless steel TOOL CONFIGURATION Collet Grip and Seal: On tube OD Gripping: Normally-closed Manual lever grip release Pressure-compensated spring grip

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Model 264 Series - 2

MAXIMUM PRESSURE Model 264 Series Hydrostatic Test Tools Model 264 Series Tool Specifications Tube OD Range Inches* * Note: Tools are designed for a dedicated tube diameter and do not cover the entire diameter range noted at each size. A single tube OD must be specified for the collet set. Special Configurations Available Upon Request Automatic Air-Bleed Valve Recommended for Optimal Performance BENEFITS Decreases cycle time Ensures proper tube depth engagement Prevents tube end collapse and eliminates scrap Accommodates shorter length tube or pipe Increases production throughput Contains...

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