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U-Camera - 1

U-Camera Airelectronics offers U-Camera as a gyro stabilized solution for users that need video stabilization on airborne surveillance platforms. Due to its light weight and reduced size, U-Camera is suitable for small and medium sized UAVs, both rotary and fixed wing. Stabilization is done using brushless motors, obtaining a fast and smooth response to the vehicle perturbations. U-Camera provides various modes for stabilization, including commanded angles, commanded rates, safe mode and pilot mode. The safe mode protects the lens against impacts that may occur during take-off and landing with small UAVs. The video module used in U-Camera provides a standard definition video output suitable for standard video transmitter. The camera provides 10x optical zoom along with several image tunning options. As Airelectronics U-Pilot, U-Camera is powered by FPGA technology, allowing a performance and capabilities above the competitors. Using a Serial RS-232 standard interface, UCamera can be easily integrated with several Flight Control Systems. U-Camera provides pan-tilt stabilization, so flight disturbances are no longer an issue for video surveillance and recording. Using optical zoom, stabilization becomes an essential feature that allows to capture small details even at longer ranges. It also provides live video streaming, so while the user, with a standard computer, is planning, flying or modifying the UAV mission, he can watch the video stream in real time as well. The user can also modify parameters of the video in real time using the same computer he is employing to supervise the flight plan. Emergency and Disaster Rescue Police Usage Traffic Control Fire Fighting Survivors rescue in natural disasters Demonstration control, anti-drug operations Surveillance and road traffic monitoring Monitor Active fires, avoid reactivation of controlled fires Forward observer, over the hill recon missions, border control

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U-Camera - 2

Real-Time Video Feed Using a video transmitter you can receive real-time video feed Affordable Unlike other solutions, the prices are reasonable lOx Optical Zoom Able to capture high resolution details Compatible Attachable to rotary and fixed wings 360° Pan Continuous 360° Field Of View, allowing full reconnaisance of the environment

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