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Observation Skywalker We offer a complete solution for a user that need to put an observation camera in the air at low cost, completely designed by the Spanish company Airelectronics. The fully tested Skywalker platform has been selected to carry the observation system, providing a forward looking camera and a side looking pointed camera. This configuration is perfect for observation purposes. The forward camera allows the operator to have o global view of the plane situation, while the side camera allows detailed observation of points when orbiting them. The side camera, servo-pointed, is designed to make such observations, maintaining the observed point into the field of view even when the plane attitude changes brusquely. Using a standard computer, the user can plan, fly and modify the UAV mission in real time in the easiest possible way thanks to the U-Pilot flight control system and the U-See ground software. The operator doesn't need any previous flight experience and it is not even necessary to have a manual joystick because the system can fly 100% in automatic mode from the take-off to the landing. In case of a communications problem the plane will came back home and land safely. The plane is based in COTS materials (Commercial off-the-shelf) and has been adapted to became a complete UAV. Due to the fact than the plane has been built using composites and EPO its weight is really low ,making the plane really easy to hand launch and to land: any operator can do it, even without any previous skill, and it will land on its fuselage without big damage in almost any terrain. The video and data links are handled by the new U-Station, a single box covering all the needs of any ground station. U-Station handles data and video links simultaneously and only requires two connections: the Futaba Emitter input and the usb cable to the computer, handling both video and data feed. U-Station's integrated battery simplifies the deployment of the the station, making it autonomous and preventing the use of external batteries or generators.

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Skywalker Observation - 2

Observation Skywalker The brain for the plane is the Airelectronics' U-Pilot flight control system, which is embedded inside the plane's fuselage, leaving a lot of space on board to install extra payload or batteries. Being based in FPGA technology, U-Pilot's configurability and flexibility is unsurpassed and the advanced sensor mixture using extended Kalman filtering assures an optimal attitude and navigation control. U-Pilot can fly the aircraft using waypoint navigation, even when the GPS signal has been lost by using dead-reckoning navigation. Can also orbit around a ground location and...

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Skywalker Observation - 3

Highlights Therm a I bc>an ng Take advantage of the atmosphere energy Fu 11 v autonomous No human intervention required during flight Observation Cameras Camera configuration to maximize observation capability Atteeclable Unlike other solutions, the prices are reasonable Easy tc> deploy The new U-Station makes really easy and fast to deploy the system Bat. rnonitoring Real time battery monitoring assures that you won't loose the aircraft due to overuse Real-Time \/iclee> Feed The U-Station combines the video and data link in a single box F11 g Ft- F11 a n Automatic flight plan...

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Observation Skywalker

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