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Shepherd - 1

UAV Shepherd The most advanced Shepherd powered by U-pilot extend its capabilities beyond the limits of an usual model aircraft. Mixing the latest composites materials with the vanguard of avionics we offer under a turnkey agreement a fully system for being operated on a whole world which is lacking lot of things. Its fuselage made of Kevlar® and Carbon Fabrics with Epoxy resin for the Aerospace Industries provide, together with the EPP wing, a high level of ruggedized to this UAV. Each part can be easily replaced for a new one in minutes improving the MTBF and therefore its reliability. Definitely you will purchase a system tested and made for working in extreme conditions. As any requirement depends on its mission, you can select which payload your Shepherd needs up to a 800gr into the main deck and wing. Our customers are usually interested on extra battery for extended operations, Night vision sensors and FLIR® technology. If you have any enquire do not hesitate in ask about it. The Shepherd is built to imitate the looks of a rapacious bird. This characteristic makes it an ingenious, unique and useful system for wild life control and surveillance applications. This allows observation from sky going undetected on ground: nobody suspects of a bird flying-by. While in flight is very difficult to tell apart from a real bird. It looks so real that the shepherd is also great for pest control in locations where birds are a problem: airports, ports, wind farms, etc. The birds recognise the Shepherd as a predator for them and leave the area. The Shepherd presents a solution effective against bird pest without the problems associated with falconry. It does not need to sleep, does not stop working breeding season, does not need to change feathers, etc. When combined the fantastic and realistic looks with the Airelectronics' flight control system a very capable UAV appears: allowing very discreet over the hill survillance, it also can be applied to the automatition of pest control by allowing inexpert users to manage the flight of the platform, making the controlled zones free of bird pest. Using a standard computer, the user can plan, fly and modify the UAV mission in real time in the easiest possible way thanks to the U-Pilot flight control system and the USee ground station software. The operator doesn't need any previous flight experience and it is not even necessary to have a manual joystick because the system can fly 100% in automatic mode: from the take-off to the landing. In case of a communications problem the plane will came back home and land safely.

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Shepherd - 2

UAV Shepherd Due to the fact than the plane has been built using composites and EPP its weight is really low, so it is really easy to hand launch it and to land it: any operator can do it, even without any previous skill, and it will land on its fuselage without big damage in almost any terrain. After long optimization tests done on the field the best engine-propeller relationship has been selected and special engine control law has been designed achiving the best possible endurance. The brain for the plane is the Airelectronics' U-Pilot flight control system, which is embedded inside the...

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Shepherd - 3

Highlights Thermal Soaring Take advantage of the atmosphere energy Fully autonomous No human intervention required during flight Multi-Payload The plane can accomodate a great number of payloads Affordable Unlike other solutions, the prices are reasonable Hull renovation We will supply you a new hull free of charge if yours is damaged Bat. monitoring Real time battery monitoring assures that you won't loose the aircraft due to overuse Real-Time Video Feed Using a video transmitter you can receive real-time the video feed Flight-Plan Automatic flight plan following allows to complete...

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