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Octocopter - 1

Octocopter Kit We offer a complete solution for users that need a platform to carry heavy payloads when rotary wing capabilities are required. Using a standard computer, the user can plan, fly and modify the UAV mission in real time in the easiest possible way thanks to the U-Pilot flight control system and the U-See ground station software. The operator doesn't need any previous flight experience because the system can fly 100% in automatic mode: from the take-off to the landing. In case of a communications problem the aircraft will came back home and land safely. The octocopter frame is made of carbon fiber and light materials obtaining a total empty weight, including motors and wiring, of 4.0 kg. The legs of the vehicle allow the multirotor to safely land even when the terrain is not completely horizontal. The equipied rotors make the octopoter capable of reaching a maximum takeoff weight of 9 kilograms, with 5 free kilograms for payload and batteries. The brain for the UAV is the Airelectronics' U-Pilot flight control system. The small form factor of the new U-Pilot OneBoard leaves almost all the platform free to attach payload. Being based in FPGA technology, U-Pilot's configurability and flexibility is unsurpassed and the advanced sensor mixture using extended Kalman filtering assures an optimal attitude and navigation control. The autopilot can be adapted to control any payload you want, and it has camera control capabilities already built-in, including georeference of a camera image. This plattform is suitable for multiple purposes, from precission agriculture to surveillance or border control. U-Pilot can fly the aircraft using waypoint navigation, even when the GPS signal has been lost by using dead-reckoning navigation. Can also hover over a ground location and can fly directly towards a map clicked location. The attitude and navigation control has been optimized to control the rotary wing UAV with very smooth and controlled transitions, hovering and navigation. The control algorithms are also capable to react upon a failure of a rotor, allowing the octocopter to safely land even with an engine stopped. Border control Survillance in terrestrial and maritime borders Police Usage Demonstration control, anti-drug operations Agriculture Status of crops, Forest mass control, study of soil Fire Fighting Monitor Active fires, avoid reactivation of controlled fires Forward observer, over the hill recon missions

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Octocopter - 2

Real-Time Video Feed Using a video transmitter you can receive real-time video Affordable Unlike other solutions, the prices are reasonable Fully autonomous No human intervention required during flight Camera geo-reference The system can give geo-referenced images The vehicle can accomodate a great number of payloads Automatic flight plan following allows to complete unattended missions

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