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Benzine with U-Camera


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Benzine with U-Camera - 1

Benzine Kit + U-Camera Airlelectronics offer a complete solution for users who want to enter in the rotary wing UAV world. Using a standard computer, the user can plan, fly and modify the UAV mission in real time thanks to the U-Pilot flight control system and the U-See ground station software. The operator doesn't need any previous flight experience because the system can fly 100% in automatic mode: from the take-off to the landing. In case of a communication problem the aircraft will come back home and land safely. The helicopter used is the Vario Benzine Trainer RC, helicopter conveniently adapted to become a full featured UAV without the customer having to worry for anything. The brain of the UAV is the Airelectronics' U-Pilot flight control system. Being based in FPGA technology, U-Pilot's configurability and flexibility is unsurpassed and the advanced sensor mixture using extended Kalman filtering assures an optimal attitude and navigation control. It can be adapted to control any payload you want, and has camera control capabilities already built-in, including georeference of a camera image. Also, Airelectronics U-camera is a gyro stabilized solution for users that need video stabilization on airborne surveillance platforms. Due to its light weight and reduced size, U-Camera is suitable for small and medium sized UAVs, both rotary and fixed wing. U-Camera provides various modes for stabilization, including commanded angles, commanded rates, safe mode and pilot mode. As Airelectronics U-Pilot, U-Camera is powered by FPGA technology. Using optical zoom, stabilization becomes an essential feature that allows to capture small details even at longer ranges. It provides live video streaming, so the user, with a standard computer, can watch the video stream in real time and modify parameters of the video using the same computer he is employing to supervise the flight plan. Border control Survillance in terrestrial and maritime borders Police Usage Demonstration control, anti-drug operations Traffic Control Surveillance and road traffic monitoring Fire Fighting Monitor Active fires, avoid reactivation of controlled fires Forward observer, over the hill recon missions

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Benzine with U-Camera - 2

Real-Time Video Feed Using a video transmitter you can receive real-time video Affordable Unlike other solutions, the prices are reasonable Fully autonomous No human intervention required during flight Camera geo-reference The system can give geo-referenced images Able to capture high resolution details 360º Field of View, allowing full reconnaisance of the environment

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