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H130 - 1

AIRBUS © AIRBUS HELICOPTERS Aeroport International Marseille Provence 13725 Marignanne Cedex - France, 2019. All rights reserved, Airbus Helicopters' logo and the names of its products and services are registered trademarks. Airbus Helicopters reserves the right to make configuration and data changes at any time without notice. The facts and figures contained in this document and expressed in good faith do not constitute any offer or contract with Airbus Helicopters. January 2019. Concept design by Airbus Multi Media Studio, 20182489. Photos by Airbus, Anthony Pecchi, Zsuzsanna Wagenhoffer, Jonny Caroll, Christophe Guibbaut. This brochure is printed on Stucco, a FS^paper. This paper is produced in factories that are accredited EMAS and certi ed ISO 9001-14001, PEFC™ and FS^ CoC. It is produced using pulp that has been whitened without either chlorine or acid. The paper is entirely recyclable and is produced from trees grown in sustainable forest resources. The printing inks use organic pigments or minerals. There are no use of basic dyes or dangerous metals from the cadmium, lead, mercury or hexavalent chromium group. The printer, Art & Caractere (France 81500), is engaged in a waste management and recycling programme for all resulting by-products. H130 BR 01-2019 MIXTE Papier issu de sources responsables FSC® C018766

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H130 - 2

capable as a twin engine at the cost of a single, for a safe, silent and smooth ride. The unique single engine helicopter offering in the base line spec. Crash Resistant Fuel System, Energy absorbing seats, 360° approachability with Fenestron, Synthetic Vision System (SVS), and HTAWS. It is the most cost effective per seat in its class. The quietest in its class, - 6dB below ICAO limit. Equipped with Active Vibration Control System.

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H130 - 3

Perfect Balance of Power and Elegance. Equally enjoyable to ride in as it is to pilot, the ACH130 is designed to provide passengers with an unmatched visibility and comfort, offering a remarkable flight experience. Combines unique passenger-focused design, exceptional single-engine performance, top class quality and comfort of the ACH Line interior. ACH - Airbus Corporate Helicopters is the Airbus Helicopters offer dedicated to its private and corporate customers offering end to end service-based ownership experience. ACH provides an exclusive platform from which customers can benefit from...

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H130 - 4

the leader for tourism with the widest and biggest unobstructed cabin in its class. Layouts with 7 or 8 seats. Up to 3 premium front seats, theater style seating with a high visibility from every seat. The reference platform for tourism, meets the most stringent noise regulations.

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H130 - 5

Saving lives is a key H130 mission. Configure for full patient body access, 1 or 2 pilots, 1 patient, up to 4 seats. With its superb Active Vibration Control System H130 preserves patient comfort. Light and bright cabin to reassure the patient.

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H130 - 6

Aerial work. Extended versatility for Aerial work with an external load capacity of 1,500kg – 3,307lb.

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H130 - 7

2,500kg/3,050kg With external load Up to 1,500k External load transport SAFETY FEATURES AND SILENCE FIRST

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H130 - 8

HCare by Airbus Helicopters, a complete service offer: whatever your need, where ever you operate, there is a customized solution for you, extending your missions and operations, enhancing Safety, Availability, Reactivity and Cost optimization. A comprehensive range of solutions: Material Management, Technical Support, Helicopter Maintenance and Upgrades, Training and Flight Ops, Connected service.

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