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Civil Range - 1

Civil Range © AIRBUS HELICOPTERS Aéroport International Marseille Provence 13725 Marignanne Cedex - France, 2019. All rights reserved, Airbus Helicopters' logo and the names of its products and services are registered trademarks. Airbus Helicopters reserves the right to make configuration and data changes at any time without notice. The facts and figures contained in this document and expressed in good faith do not constitute any offer or contract with Airbus Helicopters. January, 2019. Concept design by Airbus Multi Media Studio, 20183024. Photos by Airbus, Anthony Pecchi,Jerome Deulin, Ned Dawson This brochure is printed on Stucco, a FSC paper. This paper is produced in factories that are accredited EMAS and certi ed ISO 9001-14001, PEFC™ and FSC CoC. It is produced using pulp that has been whitened without either chlorine or acid. The paper is entirely recyclable and is produced from trees grown in sustainable forest resources. The printing inks use organic pigments or minerals. There are no use of basic dyes or dangerous metals from the cadmium, lead, mercury or hexavalent chromium group. The printer, Art & Caractère (France 81500), is engaged in a waste management and recycling programme for all resulting by-products. CIVIL RANGE LF 01-20

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Civil Range - 2

H125 MAXIMUM TAKEOFF WEIGHT 2,250kg/4,960lb 2,800kg/6,172lb (With external load) USEFUL LOAD 993kg/2,189lb CAPACITY 1 pilot + 5/6 passengers Maximum cargo swing load: 1,400kg/3,086lb ENGINE 1 Safran HE Arriel 2D, turboshaft engine with FADEC. Maximum takeoff power: 632kW/847shp FAST CRUISE SPEED 251km/h-136kts RANGE AND ENDURANCE Range: 631km/341NM Endurance: 4h28min MAIN ROLES Light single-engine helicopter fitted with a powerful engine, the H125 is specially adapted for operations in extreme conditions and the transportation of heavy loads. H125 has the lowest operating cost in its class....

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Civil Range - 3

EC145 MAXIMUM TAKEOFF WEIGHT 2,980kg/6,570lb (All configurations) USEFUL LOAD 1,417kg/3,124lb CAPACITY 1 pilot + 6/7 passengers, or 2 pilots + 5/6 passengers Maximum cargo sling load: 1,200kg/2,646lb ENGINE 2 Safran HE ARRIUS 2B2 or 2 Pratt & Whitney PW206B3, turboshaft engines. Both with FADEC. FAST CRUISE SPEED 252km/h-136kts RANGE AND ENDURANCE Range: 633km/342NM Endurance: 3h36min MAIN ROLES Thanks to its performance, with an advanced design and state-of-the-art technology, the H135 is the reference helicopter for: • Emergency Medical Services-EMS • Law enforcement • Private & Business...

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Civil Range - 4

AS365 N3+ MAXIMUM TAKEOFF WEIGHT 3,800kg/8,378lb (All configurations) USEFUL LOAD 1,905kg/4,200lb CAPACITY 1 pilot + up to 11 passengers, or 2 pilots + up to 10 passengers Maximum cargo sling load: 1,600kg/3,527lb ENGINE 2 Safran HE Arriel 2E, turboshaft engines with FADEC. Maximum emergency power (OEI): 800kW/1,072shp FAST CRUISE SPEED 240km/h-130kts RANGE AND ENDURANCE Range: 651km/352NM Endurance: 3h36min MAIN ROLES Powerful multi-role helicopter, the H145 combines advances cockpit design, modern avionics, 4-axis autopilot and the Fenestron tail rotor. Main missions: • Emergency Medical...

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Civil Range - 5

H155 MAXIMUM TAKEOFF WEIGHT 4,920kg/10,846lb (All configurations) USEFUL LOAD Up to 1,820kg/4,012lb CAPACITY 2 pilots + 13 passengers Maximum cargo sling load: 1,600kg/3,527lb ENGINE 2 Safran HE Arriel 2C2, turboshaft engines with FADEC. Maximum emergency power (OEI): 785kW/1,053shp FAST CRUISE SPEED 266km/h-144kts RANGE AND ENDURANCE Range: 784km/423NM Endurance: 4h03min MAIN ROLES Featuring the latest technological innovations, such as the 5-blade Spheriflex main rotor, state-of-the-art glass cockpit and an outstanding autopilot, the H155 is the reference for: • Private & Business...

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Civil Range - 6

H175 MAXIMUM TAKEOFF WEIGHT 7,800kg/17,196lb (All configurations) USEFUL LOAD 3,083kg/6,797lb (O&G configuration) CAPACITY 2 pilots + 16/18 passengers Sling load: 2,700kg/5,952lb • High comfort: 16 passengers up to 162NM RoA • Long range: 12 passengers up to 218NM RoA • Higher density: 18 passengers up to 130NM RoA (Oil & Gas configuration, ISA+20°C) ENGINE 2 Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67E, turboshaft engines with FADEC. Maximum emergency power (OEI): 1,541kW/2,067shp FAST CRUISE SPEED 276km/h-149kts RANGE AND ENDURANCE Range: 1,062km/573NM Endurance: 5h45min MAIN ROLES The H175 is a versatile,...

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Civil Range - 7

MAXIMUM TAKEOFF WEIGHT 11,000kg/24,250lb 11,200kg/24,692lb (With external load) USEFUL LOAD 5,411kg/11,929lb CAPACITY 2 pilots + 19 passengers Maximum cargo sling load: 4,750kg/10,472lb ENGINE 2 Safran HE Makila 2A1, turboshaft engines with FADEC. Maximum emergency power (OEI): 1,784kW/2,392shp FAST CRUISE SPEED 262km/h-142kts RANGE AND ENDURANCE Range: 841km/454NM (1,119km/604NM with Aux. tanks) Endurance: 4h05min (5h36min with Aux. tanks) MAIN ROLES With the best range of its category and a very competitive cost per NM/pax, the H225 is well fitted for SAR and offshore crew change mission,...

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