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Airbus Corporate Jets

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YOUR world above the world

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Derived from the most modern aircraft family, Airbus corporate jets feature the widest and tallest cabins of any business jet. The ACJ319neo and the ACJ320neo aircraft have three times more space than traditional large business jets, with similar range and operating costs. With new engines and Sharklets, the ACJ320neo Family delivers better range and better comfort. ACJ’s fully customisable interiors enable you to benefit from our extensive experience in cabin outfitting management, for complete peace of mind. We back the ACJ fleet with a worldwide network of support professionals,...

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Larger inside 65% wider 20% more height Traditional business jet Global 7500 Bombardier Global 6500 Gulfstream G550 Fits in similar parking space. Airbus corporate jets have the widest and tallest cabins of any business jet. Boeing BBJ Airbus ACJ Family

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The widest and tallest cabins come in two sizes: Moscow Beijing Hong Kong Dubai Singapore Cape Town Buenos Aires Length: 33.84 m / 111 ft Cabin area: 83 m2 / 893 ft2 6,750 nm More than 15 hours non-stop flight with 8 passengers With best engine option NBAA IFR PROFILE Moscow London London Beijing Moscow Geneva Hong Kong Dubai Mexico City Lagos Bogota Johannesburg Perth Sydney Auckland

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Hong Kong Dubai Singapore Rio de Janeiro Cape Town Length: 37.57 m / 123.3 ft Cabin area: 96m2 / 1,033ft2 6,000 nm More than 13 hours non-stop flight with 25 passengers With best engine option NBAA IFR PROFILE Anchorage Moscow London Hong Kong Honolulu Mexico City Bogota Dubai Nairobi Singapore Auckland Sydney

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Create your PERFECT place in the sky

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Home in the sky Office in the air Government tool

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Travel in comfort with family and friends.

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Make the most of your time. Executives can work and rest in comfort.

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Government tool All images of an Airbus ACJ319 cabin concept designed by M&R Associates Design Multi-role flexibility for governments. Business jet. Executive shuttle.Troop transport. Disaster Relief.

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Peace of mind More than 15 years' experience in VIP cabins outfitting ACJ’s fully customisable interiors also enable you to benefit from our extensive experience in cabin outfitting management, for complete peace of mind. Airbus is the only manufacturer of top-of-the-line business jets having delivered more than 70 turnkey cabins built by approved outfitters.

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Who better to accompany you to design and build your perfect place in the sky than the company that makes the ACJ aircraft? ashcj recjzcr You have a choice of pre-defined cabin concepts or you are free to fully customise your ACJ to your exact needs. Our cabin designers and cabin engineers have unrivalled experience, knowledge and skills. From concept development to cabin customization, we provide peace of mind and take care of every detail.”

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A unique flight experience

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ACJneo ultimate comfort Relax and enjoy the refreshing pure air inside an ACJ cabin. Feel better in a cabin that recreates the well-being ambiance of a mountain top residence. ACJ takes you to the skies but makes you feel at home like on the ground. ACJneo benefit from -15% cabin pressure

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NEW ENGINES and SHARKLETS for a better world

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The best keeps getting better Fly smoother and higher 41,000 ft cruise altitude to avoid airline traffic and major turbulence the ACJ effect Fly direct, work onboard ETOPS 180 min, SATCOM provision (up to 15MB wifi per pax) Better comfort Well below 6,400 ft average cabin altitude 3,000+nm more range (subject to specific configuration) lower cabin altitude Bizjet operation vs airliner version Take off from anywhere New generation engines Highest thrust engine Fly further Up to 79t MTOW Up to 5 ACTs removable overnight Autonomous operation Airstairs, easy access to cargo door

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Better capability vs. traditional business jets: Airport autonomy with integrated airstairs. - Shorter Take-off distance - Higher payload - Same parking space ACJ319neo 1,840m @ 77.3t MTOW Shorter take-off distance Cargo compartment flexibility ACJ cargo compartments have the capacity to carry up to 251 large suitcases* in addition to accomodating removable auxiliary fuel tanks. This flexibility allows you during an overnight shift to adjust your fuel needs.

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RELIABLE Technology

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Almost Reliability. Delivered. 8,000 Airbus A320 Family aircraft in service image based on Skytraders ACJ319 in Antarctica An Airbus aircraft takes off and lands every 1.4 seconds. .    t f > . A    ✓ /    /    ^ f    .    .    •    -

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Crew pleasing cockpit with latest technology Benefit from over 30 years of industry-standard fly-by-wire experience > Ergonomic and spacious cockpit > Enhanced features (Head up display, ROPS, etc.) > Easier pilots transition Fly-by-wire technology, pioneered by Airbus, is standard in every Airbus aircraft built today. It brings: > Improved handling > Enhanced protection > Better reliability > Simplified maintenance > Weight savings

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EXCELLENCE in customer care

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More than 500 customers and operators. Share in the success. You are looked after around the clock, around the world by a dedicated team    / for business aviation:    ■ Benefit from a global network of service centres

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Airbus benefits from the skills and experience of Europe’s leading aerospace companies. Airbus has already invested tens of billions of dollars over more than four decades to create the world’s most modern aircraft family. Hundreds of millions of dollars are also spent every year to continuously improve the Airbus product line. A350 Family – the first Airbus aircraft with carbonfibre wings and fuselage Building on the bespoke “business jet” legacy of Concorde. A380 Family – the world’s largest airliner A330/A340 Family – the first long-haul Airbus aircraft A320 Family – the first digital...

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