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Airfield Equipment and Services SL Sequence Flashing Light System SFL Compliance ICAO: Annex 14, Vol. I, para. 5.3 (current edition) FAA: L-849 a-e AC 150/5345-51 EASA: CS ADR-DSN. Book 1 IEC: 61827 NATO: STANAG 3316 Uses • Sequenced flashing lights (SFL) • Runway threshold identification light systems (RTILS) Description The SFL system consists of three components: • System control cabinet, • Unit control box • Flash head. Airsafe can supply either elevated or in-pavement flash heads according to the application and to the position of the fitting. The system is simple to install and to put into operation, it guarantees stable and reliable operation and easy routine maintenance. Features • Main control cabinet use twin-colour LCD to create a good HMI; • Fault indication such as offline, missing flash will be displayed on LCD panel; • Voltage range 160-260V, frequency 50 or 60 Hz, Single phase input, support 380V power input using star wiring. • Lower power consumption, over 2.5km power line using 16 mm2 cable; • High speed and reliable operation thanks to the use of CAN between main and unit control boxes • RS485 port in main control cabinet available, used for communication with control and monitoring system; • Main control cabinet can control different number of light heads, 32 flashing lights maximum (2 runway threshold identification lights included) • System equipped with lightning protection circuit for effective strike protection; • Xenon lights are triggered by electronic switch on trigger circuit; • Unit control circuit provides reliable protection; power is cut-off when the unit control box or flasher head is open;

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Sequence Flashing Light System SFL Installation Photometric Characteristics Beam angle: horizontal ±15°, vertical ±5° Flash frequency: once or twice pro second Light intensity: Low: 150-450cd Medium 800-2000cd High: 8000-20000cd Elevation angle:0 to 15 degrees vertical Finish • Phosphating and baked polyester electrostatic powder coating. • Colour: aviation yellow • Stainless steel hardware..

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