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Airfield Equipment and Services SL Compliance         ICAO Annex 14 , FAA AC 150/5345-46, EB 67 D IEC61827 EASA CS-ADR-DSN.M.710 & 715 STANAG 3316 CAAC GB-T 7256-2005 AENA DIN/OSEYN/PPT/018-02/09 Inset Taxiway Centreline Light TCLMS-08-LED-E Uses • The TCLMS-08-LED-E is a Taxiway Centreline light suitable for applications on taxiway and apron system operating in Cat I to III conditions. This includes applications for Stop bars, Clearance bars and Intermediate Holding Positions. 8” outer diameter 6 mm height above surface Dust and Water tight Useful Lamp Life (LED) > 50.000h Nominal Current: 6.6A (2.2A available upon request) Power consumption (at 6.6A): 15W per side Power Factor 0.95 at nominal current Temperature: - 55ºC to + 55ºC Advanced Power Adaptor electronics with Integrated 5 steps Active Fail Open System Self Rearming Fail Open System no additional intervention required after repair of a failure. Fully dimmable as per EB67D Built-in surge protection Compatible with existing AGL circuits Efficient control of the operating temperature of the LEDs increasing life expectancy and avoiding any colour shift. Upper surface without sharp edges, reducing the risk of damage to aircraft tires Finish • Outer Surface with wear & corrosion resistant treatment. • High-precision machining ensuring overall precision and excellent quality. • Stainless steel hardware. Electrical Supply 6.6 A, through a 150 W isolating transformer.

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Airfield Equipment and Services SL Components Inset Taxiway Centreline Light Photometric Characteristics

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Airfield Equipment and Services SL Grounding The light is equipped with a grounding point as shown on the figure. Adaptor Ring An adaptor ring in forged aluminium is available for mounting of the light on a 12” base Lifting Handle A lifting handle in aluminium has been designed for easy installation and removing of the light on its base

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Airfield Equipment and Services SL Ordering Information TCLMS - 08 - X - LED - XX - XP - E TCLMS-08 Taxiway Centre Line Light 6 mm protrusion Type S = Straight C = Curved Beam Colour G = Green Y = Yellow R = Red B = Blank Input 1P = One Plug P = Two Plugs Version E = Europe Preliminary Data Sheet. The descriptions and features contained in this publication are given for information only and do not constitute an engagement for our company. We reserve the right to change them without prior notification.

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