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Airfield Equipment and Services SL Compliance FAA: AC150/5345-46 and E982 for mechanical & environmental properties ICAO: Annex 14 Para. 5.3,4 for use as approach light in Category I, II and III conditions EASA: CS ADR-DSN. Book 1 IEC: 61827 NATO: STANAG 3316 Elevated High Intensity LED Approach Side Row Light EUL-SR-LED Uses • Approach Side Row lighting Cat. I, II and III, Red Features • High strength Aluminum-alloy casting • Contained dimensions reducing risk of damages due to jet blast. • Stainless steel fasteners guarantees a good sealing and resistance to corrosion. • Direct mounting onto 60 mm O.D. tube, breakable coupling or frangible mast head. • Easy aiming, even on top of a mast, by means of dedicated electronic setting devices • Useful Lamp Life (LED) > 50.000h • Colours: Red • Nominal Current: 6.6A • Fully dimmable as per EB67E • Built-in surge protection • Efficient control of the operating temperature of the LEDs increasing life expectancy and avoiding colour shift • High performance optical design • Compatible with existing AGL circuits • Designed for tool free maintenance • Durable waterproof design. • All fittings are tested for leakage and photometry before delivery. Finish • Phosphating and baked polyester electrostatic powder coating. • Colour: aviation yellow • Stainless steel hardware. Electrical Supply 6.6 A, through a 45 W isolating transformer.

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EUL - SR - LED - 2

Airfield Equipment and Services SL EUL-SR = Approach Side-row Light Lamp power- Beam Color - Detailed information should be provided if any special requirements Accessories should be ordered separately. Fig 2. On approach deep base. * Please find detailed information in installation document Option: Angle Calibrator (Order No. 54200)

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