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Airfield Equipment and Services SL High Intensity LED Runway Guard Light Compliant with: • ICAO Annex XIV, Vol. I, Par. 5.3.22, Configuration A, Appendix 2, Fig. A2.25 High Intensity • EASA CS-ADR-DNS BOOK 1 Main Features • Outstanding Photometric performances • Life expectancy of LEDs over 60.000 hours eliminates the need for costly relamping operations • Power Consumption: 36 Watt only • Natural air Cooling • Model 6.6A: powered by series lighting circuit through power converter • Model 120/230VAC: powered from mains AC parallel lighting circuit; equipped with photocell to control lamp intensity. A photocell energizes lamps to full intensity during high light levels and then reduces full intensity to 30% during low ambient light conditions • Flash Rate: Alternating flashes, 45-50 per minute • Main Beam Coverage- +/- 8º both vertical and horizontal • Adjustable Light Beam: 0°, 5°, 10°, 15° vertically through adjustable slip fitter. • Mounting on standard 2” O.D. Breakable coupling. • Tether preventing the RGL from being blown in case of impact • Made of corrosion resistant materials • Aviation Yellow powder coating • Environmental Operating Conditions Temperature: -30°C to +55ºC • Wind: Withstands up to 480 km/h • Humidity: 0 to 100%

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Elevated LED Runway Guard Light - 2

Airfield Equipment and Services SL One of the installations required for prevention of runway incursions is the Runway Guard Lights (RGL), also referred to as "Wig-Wag". These should under certain conditions be installed on every taxiway connected to the runway as the last resort to remind a flight crew that they must have a clearance to continue before entering an active runway. The elevated Runway Guard Light GUARDlite is the answer to these problems. Based on a new generation of LEDs and a revolutionary design both in size and light output, GUARDlite is a real “attention getter”, thanks...

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