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Digital Aircraft Records STREAM (Secure Technical Records for Electronic Asset Management) is the World’s No. 1 records management platform for airlines, lessors and MROs. STREAM gives you the power to manage your records by combining the latest developments in IT with the power and flexibility of the internet. In today’s global economy, access to standardized, secure records has never been so critical. STREAM gives you the power and flexibility to make all your records available online to the right users at the right time. STREAM Benefits: ► Remote access available to all technical records on demand ► All users work to the same standard and all documents are centrally available ► Interactive transition management supports online collaboration with stakeholders ► Transition readiness scoring available for i ndividual aircraft in real-time Records Scanning and Imaging Services: ISO 9001 approved records scanning and imaging services delivers a total solution to the aviation industry. Global and local coverage: Our services are delivered from our UK-based bureau or through our network of global scanning partners. Scanning/Imaging industry partner: Canon ► Records can be shared with potential clients without incurring travel or support costs Customers include: AIRCASTLE ^ KLMUk norwegian Rolls-Royce’ AERDATA © AerData 2016 I Ref: 40386AD-STR/082016 A Boeing Company

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Benefits for Lessors & Banks: Benefits for MROs: ********* ******** ♦t W -it- Transition Workpack QQQQQ HHDDD ► Semi-automated Linestation and office based document capture and processing ► Full text and barcode search locates documents quickly and accurately ► Integration with Maintenance Software for closed-loop documentation processing ► Interact with leasing companies for pre-transition assessment and workflow ► Interact with MROs for real-time updates from maintenance visits ► Remote access available to all Technical Records on demand ► All users work to the same standard and all...

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