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digital records STREAM Repair Map Structural Repairs and Damages Graphics Search thin Crtfk •(»« ■••ttaniril »b| STA910 tM««U ITA22 *»4 MM* The records for structural repairs and damages are an essential part of technical aircraft documentation. During the return of a leased aircraft, missing detail or documentation may require a complete repair reassessment, leading to additional downtime, costs and delays. Introducing STREAM Repair Map STREAM Repair Map is a secure web-based application with a sophisticated graphical user interface (GUI) which tracks and manages all aircraft damage and repair details along with their associated documentation. STREAM Repair Map allows you to log a new damage or repair, track the evolution of a repair or control the accomplishment documents (dirty fingerprints), so your entire fleet of aircraft becomes easily manageable from any laptop, desktop, iPad or tablet device. STREAM Repair Map contains precise model information for your entire fleet of aircraft types, including CAD based frame, stringer and panel locations. Customers enjoy the ease and accuracy of placing repair and damage locations on the models with direct links to all associated documents and pictures of the physical damage. © AerData 2016 | Ref: 4038AD-RPM/082016 A Boeing Company

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Benefits: ► Centralized monitoring of all repairs including supporting documentation and OEM correspondence ► Precise repair localisation through dedicated and scalable aircraft models ► Full reporting ability including repair map and documentation trail, PDF or print options ► Improved aircraft transitions through information sharing and workflow management Data Availability: > Web access for users and guests - no additional software required ► Access through STREAM Dashboard for integrated customers ► Read, write and administration roles as required ► Support for laptop, desktop, iPad...

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