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OPTIMIZATIONAirframe Planning Airframe Planning is an airframe maintenance planning and analytics solution designed to increase aircraft availability and enable effective use of expensive resources through proactive management. A true strategic decision support tool; Airframe Planning is equally at home in the planning department or the CFOs office. Airframe Planning generates optimized plans that minimize downtime, maximize yield and allow maintenance and marketing to align. Airframe Planning allows multiple 'what-if scenarios and the analytical tools to ensure the right plan is in place for the maintenance organization. This information and analysis enables the maintenance planning department to deliver answers to difficult problems such as maintenance program escalations, aircraft entries into service and end of lease scenarios. Airframe Planning quantifies the maintenance cost necessary to support the operation and allows for financial comparison between scenarios such as investigating the cost differences between in house, out-sourced or two MRO providers. Planners can manage the forecasts and immediately assess the impact of any changes. Airframe Planning Benefits • Optimize airline maintenance visit schedules based on operator requirements • Incorporate technical, financial, lease and operational data into intelligent decision making • Support all airframe types (Boeing, Airbus, etc.) • Optimization over the period of the aircraft lease and/or the total maintenance life cycle (20+ years) • Increase yield on maintenance requirements • Decrease aircraft downtime • Produce and compare 'what-if' scenarios to solve difficult planning questions, then select the correct course of action 1. Maintenance visits are created for optimum yield and minimum downtime 2. Drag and drop interactive interface 3. Click on visits to get expanded information www.aerdata.com • info@aerdata.com

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Maintenance requirements Base Data Base Maintenance Master Scenario Yield Management Scheduling Constraints Line Maintenance Flight Operations Increased aircraft availability More effective use of labor and facility resources Increased yield Generate solutions to difficult problems Fleet availability analysis and reporting Distribute accurate, timely data to the appropriate parties Other Benefits • • • • • Integration with existing technical records systems Centralize technical and financial data Inclusion of lease information Detailed reports Web based system – accessible from anywhere...

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