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asset reviews GEARS Asset Review System GEARS (Global Electronic Asset Review System) is a total asset review management tool designed to ensure quality, consistency and efficiency in any asset review or inspection. vh vu QQ Li D LJI f GEARS * * Report Template* 3. Aircraft Specification and Status Airr raft Manular turrr Original Monulocturer export ColA date Currant Registration Mark (Country) Currant Regulatory Standard (FAA/EASA/local) Weight Variance Number (Airbus only) Winglets Installed? If yas, please specify [AA23] Total flight Cydet 565 A301 AC status ArcraftStatusReport.pdf 1323407.0 Vfl'i Serial number Whether performing Airline, Lessor or MRO inspections, contrasting working methods, knowledge and interpretation can exist between each inspector or consultant. This often results in discrepancies in the review contents and report outputs which may lead to unnecessary lease return delays, forecast miscalculations or incorrect remarketing information. The Solution GEARS ensures quality control, consistency and efficiency by managing the collected information in a database which replaces the ‘regular’ review documents with a fully customizable electronic version. Reviewers work with step-by-step questions and are aided with an in-built (best industry practice) knowledge database. This data can be linked to an answer for easy validation. The ability to copy previously verified data into a current review and the ability to have real-time visibility of the report in a live environment helps the organization to work more efficiently and ensures consistent quality. Detailed, customized reports and library exports can be created out of one review to serve multiple needs i.e. authority, technical or remarketing reports. AERDATA © AerData 2016 I Ref: 4038AD-GEA/082016 A Boeing Company

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► Intuitive questions (fully customizable) based on specific aircraft type and customer requirements ► Verified historical data can be copied into the current review ► Eliminates duplication of the same question ► Extensive knowledge database and ‘help’ function is available to assist the consultant ► Detailed, customized reports can be created out of the same review ► Records and images can be uploaded directly into GEARS ► Interactive report reviewing ► Superior data quality promotes increased asset value ► Significant cost and time savings ► Standardization of any type of review ►...

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