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Asset Review System The Problem Whether performing Airline, Lessor or MRO inspections, contrasting working methods, knowledge and interpretation can exist between each inspector or consultant. This often results in discrepancies in the review contents and report outputs which may lead to unnecessary lease return delays, forecast miscalculations or incorrect remarketing information. Reviewers work with step-by-step questions and link the uploaded records to the answers as a verification for the provided answer. Together with an in-built (best industry practice) knowledge database and a workflow, GEARS ensures consistency for each performed review, no matter who is performing the review. The ability to copy previously verified data for an asset into a current review and the ability to have real-time visibility of the report in a live environment, helps the organization to work more efficiently and ensures consistent quality. GEARS provides quality control, consistency and efficiency by uploading the required/requested records for auditing an asset or company. • info@aerdata.c

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Either the AerData standard report or a detailed, customized report and library export can be created out of one review to serve multiple needs i.e. authority, technical or remarketing reports. Benefits • Automatic storage and indexing of obtained records into STREAM • Superior data quality promotes increased asset value • Cost and time savings • Standardization of any type of review • Integrated audit trail on the review • Optional back office support, up to total care for all reviews and redeliveries • Existing data in other AerData products can be transferred with ease • Data security •...

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