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engine management EFPACEngine Maintenance Cost Planning EFPAC (Engine Fleet Planning And Costing) is a total engine management solution specifically designed to support proactive risk management with visibility of financial exposures. The EFPAC solution integrates technical, operational and financial information in one friendly and easy to use interface. EFPAC minimizes maintenance costs and maximizes time on-wing. A tool for the engineer and CFO, EFPAC includes scenario and optimization tools which effectively alleviates the need for labor intensive management. This enables engineering, finance and planning to work together seamlessly when producing budget forecasts, engine removal plans forecasts, “what if” scenarios and cost per hour analysis. Amendments to the planning can be accommodated easily and the professional reporting provides all the justification required for the engine maintenance budgets. EFPAC Benefits: ► Integrated technical, financial and operational information ► Optimize budget forecasts, removal plans and shop visits ► Manage maintenance reserves ► EGT, Fuel flow (plus others) 1. Transparency in budget, number of shop visits and reason for removals 2. Each block represents a shop visit. The display details are configurable 3. In all areas double-click and pop-up functions for zooming into details 4. Drag and drop functions for rescheduling Airlines: Accurate budgets and optimized schedules MROs: Predict your clients removal plan Lessors: Configuration control and forecasts ► Lower engine costs and budgets Customers include: AIR NEW ZEALAND ^ AIR CANADA easyJet AmericanAirlines www.aerdata.com info@aerdata.com AERDATA A Boeing Company

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Financial data (cost) s EFPAC c Removal plans budgets Cost savings For MROs ► Cost savings ► Parts provisioning ► Stub life policy analysis ► Engine life cycle predictions ► Optimization of costing and workscoping templates ► MTBUR and MTBF analysis ► Tailored advice to clients EFPAC for Airlines ► Cost savings ► Optimize the shop visit and removal planning ► Determine ideal spares requirements ► Engine life cycle predictions and part out analysis ► Thorough knowledge base for pricing discussions with the shops > MTBUR and MTBF analysis EFPAC for Lessors ► Cost savings ► Technical records...

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