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asset management CMSLease and Asset Management Software CMS (Corporate Management System) empowers you with a hosted software tool to optimize all your aircraft lease and asset management business processes. CMS supports all business processes in aircraft and engine leasing. It’s available for airlines, lessors, financial institutions and asset management firms. CMS is offered as a web enabled solution and is accessible via a secure and encrypted internet connection from anywhere in the world. AerData guarantees 24/7 availability of its information systems. Organizations that use AerData’s CMS Software: ► Have better financial control of leased aircraft assets ► Reduce exposure through better insight ► Lower their cost through use of an industry developed tool The following areas are supported in-depth within AerData’s CMS Software: ► Event Management ► Data warehouse analysis and reporting tools ► Cash flow predictions ► Document Management ► Asset Management ► Contract Management ► Maintenance Reserves ► Finance Customers include: AVOLON^ AERDATA A Boeing Company

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The following areas are supported by CMS: Asset Management ► Aircraft, Engines, Spare Parts ► Base Configuration ► Technical Audit Planning ► Utilization history ► Shop visit history Contract Management ► Lease core details ► Lease options ► Insurance stipulations and certificates ► Invoicing ► ETA Management ► Delivery and re-delivery ► Status and conditions ► Non-lease contract (3rd party servicing) ► Loan contracts ► Forward Order management Maintenance Reserves > MR Rates for actual and estimates ► Escalation process of MR rates ► Claim handling process workflow ► Recording of...

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Accounting and Procurement Workflow CMS Accounting is a best of breed accounting solution designed specifically for use within the aircraft leasing marketplace. CMS Accounting provides the following benefits to companies operating in the aircraft leasing sector: ► It offers a unified ledger that combines the functions of a general ledger, sales ledger, purchase ledger, budget management and forecasting, commitment accounting, cashbook and integration into Microsoft Office. ► The system is multi-currency and multi-company. Any number of currencies and companies can be maintained on the...

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CMS Procurement Workflow enables employees to manage their own purchasing requirements within the rules and policies of an organization. Modules are available to manage project budgets, purchase orders and supplier invoices and, together, these provide a comprehensive web-based spend control and management solution. CMS Procurement Workflow benefits: ► Users can review costs at a summary level and drill through to an individual purchase order or invoice for more information. ► Purchase orders amended after being issued will be queued for re-approval if the amendments are material. ► Costs...

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engine management EFPACEngine Maintenance Cost Planning EFPAC (Engine Fleet Planning And Costing) is a total engine management solution specifically designed to support proactive risk management with visibility of financial exposures. The EFPAC solution integrates technical, operational and financial information in one friendly and easy to use interface. EFPAC minimizes maintenance costs and maximizes time on-wing. A tool for the engineer and CFO, EFPAC includes scenario and optimization tools which effectively alleviates the need for labor intensive management. This enables engineering,...

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AerData Financials Removal plans budgets Financial data (cost) Cost savings Cost savings Cost Cost savings Cost Cost savings Cost Parts provisioning Parts Optimize the shop visit Optimize and removal planning Technical records system Technical Stub life policy analysis Stub Prediction of upcoming events Prediction Determine ideal spares Determine requirements Engine life cycle predictions Engine Optimization of costing and Optimization workscoping templates Maintenance reserve and Maintenance claim predictions Engine life cycle predictions Engine and part out analysis MTBUR and MTBF...

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CMS - 7

Digital Aircraft Records STREAM (Secure Technical Records for Electronic Asset Management) is the World’s No. 1 records management platform for airlines, lessors and MROs. STREAM gives you the power to manage your records by combining the latest developments in IT with the power and flexibility of the internet. In today’s global economy, access to standardized, secure records has never been so critical. STREAM gives you the power and flexibility to make all your records available online to the right users at the right time. STREAM Benefits: ► Remote access available to all technical...

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Benefits for Lessors & Banks: Benefits for MROs: ********* ******** ♦t W -it- Transition Workpack QQQQQ HHDDD ► Semi-automated Linestation and office based document capture and processing ► Full text and barcode search locates documents quickly and accurately ► Integration with Maintenance Software for closed-loop documentation processing ► Interact with leasing companies for pre-transition assessment and workflow ► Interact with MROs for real-time updates from maintenance visits ► Remote access available to all Technical Records on demand ► All users work to the same standard and all...

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digital records STREAM Repair Map Structural Repairs and Damages Graphics Search thin Crtfk •(»« ■••ttaniril »b| STA910 tM««U ITA22 *»4 MM* The records for structural repairs and damages are an essential part of technical aircraft documentation. During the return of a leased aircraft, missing detail or documentation may require a complete repair reassessment, leading to additional downtime, costs and delays. Introducing STREAM Repair Map STREAM Repair Map is a secure web-based application with a sophisticated graphical user interface (GUI) which tracks and...

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Benefits: ► Centralized monitoring of all repairs including supporting documentation and OEM correspondence ► Precise repair localisation through dedicated and scalable aircraft models ► Full reporting ability including repair map and documentation trail, PDF or print options ► Improved aircraft transitions through information sharing and workflow management Data Availability: > Web access for users and guests - no additional software required ► Access through STREAM Dashboard for integrated customers ► Read, write and administration roles as required ► Support for laptop, desktop, iPad...

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