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MOTUS MEMSIMU 0.03 ° Roll and Pitch 0 0.08 ° Heading Motus is a miniature ultra high accuracy MEMS IMU. It features some of the highest accuracy MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes currently available combined with magnetometers. Motus is fully calibrated for all sensor errors over a wide temperature range and can be software upgraded to AHRS or INS functionality. It is available in both OEM and enclosed packages. 0.4 °/hr MEMS Gyroscope 2000 g Shock Limit X ULTRA HIGH ACCURACY MEMS SENSORS Motus features some of the highest accuracy MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes currently available. Motus's inertial performance exceeds some FOG IMUs and is up to 100x smaller and 10x cheaper. Motus is put through Advanced Navigation's intensive calibration process to provide consistently accurate data over an extended temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. As part of this calibration, every Motus unit spends 22 hours in our specially built rotating temperature chamber. ADVANCED SIGNAL PROCESSING Motus samples its sensors synchronously at 1000Hz through six individual 24-bit differential ADCs which minimises noise as well as providing optimal thermal calibration and performance characteristics. The sensor data is fully compensated for coning and sculling at any data rate output that is chosen. 14 seperate heavily filtered regulated power supplies ensure that each sensor and ADC is operating off the cleanest possible power supply. MINIATURE PACKAGE Never before has such high inertial performance been available in such a small package. Motus consumes just over 1 cubic inch in volume and weighs only 26 grams. This makes it ideal for weight and size sensitive applications. Motus is available in an OEM package suitable for integration into larger products or an enclosed package for external and standalone use. AHRS OR INS UPGRADEABLE Motus can be upgraded to full AHRS or INS capability through a software license upgrade. As an INS it can be interfaced to any of the leading brands of GNSS receivers to create an OEM GNSS/INS solution.

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ONS HARDWARE Operating Voltage (OEM) Operating Voltage (Enclosed) Input Protection (Enclosed only) Power Consumption (Typical) Hot Start Battery Capacity Hot Start Battery Charge Time Hot Start Battery Endurance Operating Temperature Environmental Protection (Enclosed) MTBF Shock Limit Vibration Limit Dimensions (OEM) Dimensions (Enclosed) Weight (OEM) Weight (Enclosed) SENSORS SENSOR Range Bias Instability Initial Bias Initial Scaling Error Scale Factor Stability Non-linearity Cross-axis Alignment Error Noise Density Bandwidth 5 V 5 to 36 V ± 60 V 0.95 W > 48 hrs 30 mins > 10 years -40 °C...

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