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High Fidelity UAS Simulation and Test System Development, Simulation, HIL Test, and Operator Training for Unmanned Aerial Systems Adsys Controls’ Razor™ UAS Test System is a UAS hardwarein-the-loop test environment including a real-time 6-DOF vehicle simulation, vehicle systems simulator, synthetic visualization system, and operator/analysis station. Razor contains a large set of I/O interfaces, supports full air vehicle system modeling, and contains a 3-D visualization system. Razor’s tools provide an end-to-end tool chain for UAS development through flight test analysis. SIMULATION FEATURES A library of interchangeable simulation modules supports multiple vehicle configurations with customer-specific flight dynamics, propulsion, mass properties, avionics, payloads, electrical power systems, thermal management systems and communications systems. »» Physics-based hardware-in-the-loop 6-Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) dynamic simulation of air vehicles »» Support for standard fixed-wing vehicles, flying wing, rotorcraft, airships, and multi-copters »» Aerodynamic and atmospheric models, including ground effect, wind, and turbulence »» Propulsion models of internal combustion, turbine, and electric power plants »» Model EO/IR imaging, target tracking, image stabilization payloads »» Model communications systems, RF propagation of atmospheric signal attenuation, antenna obscuration, directional antenna effects, and multi-channel switching »» Multi-vehicle support for modeling of formation flying or multi-vehicle scenarios OPERATOR STATION FEATURES »» Real-time system monitoring, data recording, test automation, and fault-insertion »» 3-D visualization system with synthetic terrain environment »» Simultaneous vehicle and payload views »» Customer-specific 3-D air vehicle modeling and multiple viewing perspectives Adsys Controls provides state-of-the-art solutions

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Razor™ Simulation and Test System High Fidelity UAS TEST FEATURES »» Enables complete testing from component integration through validation and full-system verification »» Test data acquisition and real-time data display of iron bird and simulation system data »» Run Monte Carlo and deterministic simulations »» Enables fully autonomous testing including test scripting and fault insertion, event playback, and eventdriven test execution and data recording »» Supports payload system testing, mission testing, field/ depot service testing, and operator training activities ADDITIONAL CAPABILITIES...

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