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6-inch Low-SWaP 4-Axis Stabilized Gimbal with Onboard HD Video Processing Ultra-performance precision stabilized gimbal with modular configurations for EO/LWIR/SWIR/MWIR cameras and laser payloads The Arrow 600 4-axis gimbal architecture yields best in class pointing stability for improved image quality, longer range capability and accurate target designation. The Arrow 600 offers large-gimbal features in a low-SWaP ruggedized solution with the ability to configure a wide array of payload options to meet varied mission needs. KEY FEATURES »» 6” class 4-axis stabilized gimbal offers significant stability advantages over 2-axis solutions »» Fiber Optic Gyro stabilized for precision stabilization and low pointing drift »» Flexible payload configurations including HD-EO, cooled MWIR, LWIR, SWIR, LRF, Laser Designator, Laser Pointer (up to 3 payloads for cross-mission support) »» Onboard HD video processing with multi-target tracking, digital video stabilization, moving target indicators and H.264 video compression »» Optional on-board INS for target location estimation »» High-pressure wash compatible (IP66) »» Optional Anti-icing for extreme weather »» Designed for high-speed and high-altitude flight Adsys Controls provides state-of-the-art solutions

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Arrow 600 Low-SWaP HD Gimbal The Arrow 600 Low-SWaP HD gimbal enables small UAS platform missions previously unachievable, effectively merging advanced sensor technologies and cutting-edge on-board image processing capabilities with highly stable LOS. Video Processing »» Digital Image Stabilization »» Multi-Target Tracking ** »» Moving Target Indicators** »» Metadata On-Screen Displays »» Digital Zoom Pointing »» Target of Interest »» Inertially Stabilized using FOG gyros Picture-in-Picture (TOI-PIP) »» < 40 µrad Pointing Stability »» Video Signal Conversion »» 20 µrad Pointing Accuracy »»...

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