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ADLATUS SR1300 Autonomous vacuum sweeping robot system

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DESIGNED TO SERVE … PRODUCT PRESENTATION SR1300 With the ADLATUS vacuum sweeping robot system, ADLATUS Robotics introduces a fully autonomous vacuum sweeping machine. The robotics sweeper is equipped with a service station where the battery is automatically charged. In addition, the system offers fully automatic emptying of the swept-up waste, which can be tipped into a provided container and disposed of. The fully autonomous sweeper is built on a newly developed robotics platform, ADLATUS Trusted Robotics. This platform supports the intelligent autonomy of the vacuum sweeping robot and...

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ADLATUS SR1300 - 3

CUSTOMER BENEFITS FULL AUTONOMY WITH SERVICE STATION The service station enables the sweeper to operate fully autonomously. It can be used to charge the robot‘s batteries and, if desired, to automatically dispose of the swept-up waste in a container. ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY The autonomous operation of the sweeping robot system allows flexible planning of cleaning times outside working hours and minimizes the need for supervision by staff. Cleaning frequencies in maintenance cleaning can be increased flexibly without additional costs and the need of additional staff. INDUSTRIAL SUITABILITY The...

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ADLATUS SR1300 - 4

ABOUT ADLATUS Ulm is not only known for the highest church tower in the world and as the birthplace of Albert Einstein, but also for its innovations and clever minds, like those at ADLATUS Robotics GmbH. As a manufacturer of service robots, ADLATUS Robotics has developed in recent years from a start-up to a young and dynamic company with over 30 employees. At the Ulm location, ADLATUS Robotics develops, produces and sells service robots and offers complete solutions including consulting, commissioning, training and services. With a lot of passion, perseverance and team spirit, ADLATUS...

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