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ADLATUS CR700 Autonomous cleaning robot system

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DESIGNED TO SERVE … MISSION Designed to serve ... is the mission of ADLATUS Robotics GmbH. The digitization and globalization push the change in the service sector of the facility management and demand new products and solutions from the companies. ADLATUS Robotics GmbH supports this change and develops autonomous professional Service Robots. Adlatus is Latin and means helper. And that`s the philosophy of the ADLATUS Robotics GmbH. We want to support the companies with a helper on their side, which is able to handle tasks by itself. Our helpers should ease your life and work and support you...

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DESIGNED TO SERVE … CUSTOMER BENEFITS Cost savings, work facilitation, quality improvement or sustainability are examples of factors that motivate our customers to use our products. The reduction of personnel expenses through the independence of night and holiday surcharges and the independence of skilled personnel can significantly improve the efficiency of the cleaning. Sustainability Think in the long term - act responsibly in a spirit of partnership. Autonomous Service Robots are health-promoting, relieve the burden on physically demanding work and increase safety in the working...

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A D L AT U S C R 7 0 0 FULLY AUTOMATED CLEANING ROBOT With the ADLATUS CR700 we managed to develop a cleaning machine which operates without tying up cleaning staff permanently. The concept is based on the expertise of a professional cleaning machine combined with the cleaning performance of a robot, connected with the aim to achieve a higher cost-efficiency at optimum cleaning results. Through the simple and user-friendly interface of the CR700 it can easily be set up in three steps. After that, the desired cleaning areas can be stored on the robot. The user interface of the CR700 is...

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A D L AT U S C R 7 0 0 THE TECHNICAL ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE Dual Use Typically, the ADLATUS CR700 cleans completely autonomously. A manual operation mode can additionally be selected. If a spot requires sudden cleaning, the robot can just clean the spot in manual operation. We call it Dual Use! Navigation The advanced navigation system of ADLATUS CR700 provides reliable movement in complex environments. Its powerful sensors and intelligent processing of sensor data allows to confidently capture objects which are very difficult to be detected, such as people or hanging materials: Depending...

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TECHNICAL INFORMATION DIMENSIONS OF THE CR700 weight max. 230 kg width 805 mm length 1000 mm height 980 mm automated systematic operation laser, 3D vision, acceleration sensors, ultrasonic sensors user interface access via on-board touch and smartphone or tablet Service Station (optional) fully automatic for battery charging, clean water supply and pump out of the waste water over WiFi, you access operator information, control and fully automatic documentation scrubbing width / squeegee width brush rotation velocity brush type Standard adapter for all common brushes and pads brush diameter...

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A D L AT U S S 7 0 0 FULLY AUTOMATED SERVICE STATION S700 weight width depht height CLEAN WATER > 20 minutes WASTE WATER > 5 minutes TECHNICAL INFORMATION Water connection The connection is secured with an aquastop which can block the water inlet. Power connection Fully automated service operation ith the service station there is no need for manually filling the clean water W tank or emptying the waste water into a drain. In addition without splashes or spill accidents, saving time and annoyance. Status - Signal line The signal line of the service station controles and checks if the battery...

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ADLATUS Robotics GmbH Nicolaus-Otto-Str. 4 D-89079 Ulm Tel: +49 731 / 964 278-0 International sales and service network Subject to technical modifications without notice. Errors excepted. 8

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