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APPROACH LIGHTING IL 800D LED SFL/TIL System Approach Sequential Flash (SFL) Threshold Identification (TIL) System Compliance with Standards • Flash frequency switchable between 2 or 1 Hz • Optional lights with high intensity Annex 14, Vol. I, Aerodrome Design Manual Part-6, Frangibility • Optional lights with anti-moisture heater • Service local control at control unit possible • Optional comfort control panel for service local control • lucDMC Service Software • Over voltage and lighting current protection of power and data lines • 1× parallel remote control interface • 2× CAN-bus remote control interface (redundant) LED light used for approach sequential flash and threshold identification for CAT I, II and III operations. • 2× serial remote control interface (redundant) with RS-485 MODBUS/RTU • Optional remote control interface with Ethernet MODBUS/TCP or PROFIBUS DP Features • Dynamic system configuration by parameter setting • Light power supply with SELV • Single light monitoring even in standby mode • Dynamic operation mode in 3 brightness steps (100%, 10% and 3%) System Design The approach sequential flash light system consists of a control unit, main chain (SFL - light 1..30), threshold identification (TIL - light 31..32) and power distribution units (1..32). Kableplan Cable Layout 400 V Control Unit Load Center 50/60 Hz Remote Control

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APPROACH LIGHTING The SFL800D system enables following static (installation) or dynamic (configuration settings) system configurations: • Full main chain with TIL (light 1..32) • Reduced main chain with TIL (light 1..20 + 31..32) • TIL without main chain (light 31..32) • Main chain without TIL light (1.30) could be realized as special solution Elevated, single inset or double inset lights available for installation. Principle terminal diagram of the approach flash lighting system

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SYS 800D-S - 3

APPROACH LIGHTING Control Unit Flash Light Notes * For harmonization of the visual impression the use of double inset flash lights is recommended. Power Distribution Unit

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SYS 800D-S - 4

APPROACH LIGHTING IL 800D LED SFL/TIL System Dimension Elevated Flash Light*: 355 314 148.3 *Base plate and frangible pedestal are not shown and are not part of the flash light. These articles can be ordered separately from accessory. Dimension Inset Flash Light*: 330 *12″ shallow base and deep base can with transformer shown for complete view only but not part of the flash light. These articles can be ordered separately from accessory.

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SYS 800D-S - 5

APPROACH LIGHTING IL 800D LED SFL/TIL System Isocandela Diagram Elevated Flash Light Values according to Ie = 5 * ∫ Idt (Formula (4) ICAO Aerodrome Designe Manual Part 4 Chapter 18.3.8) Isocandela Diagram Inset Flash Light Values present measured average impulse intensity. Calculated effective intensity* is 7.676 cd. * Ie = 5 * ∫ Idt (Formula (4) ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual Part 4 Chapter 18.3.8).

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SYS 800D-S - 6

APPROACH LIGHTING Order Codes Part Number * Notes * Supply of required electric and installation parts (joint, T-joint, cabling) is not part of ERNI AGL AG delivery but responsibility of the installer. For more details refer to manual. 1 Refer to manual. 300 Ohm termination resistor of data lines delivered with MCU. 2 Delivery without cable. Please mount before applying the shallow base. Delivery Content Flash Lights Product specifications may be subject to change, and specifications listed here are not binding. Confirm current specifications at time of order.

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