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APPROACH LIGHTING FAP Approach High Intensity Inset Light Compliance with standards • Plug for pressure-testing of fixture after overhaul. Annex 14, Volume I, para. 5.3.4. for use in Category I, II and III conditions • Low temperature lights. Temperature at centre of top cover remains below 160 °C ICAO specified limit. AC150/5345-46 (current edition) for mechanical requirements • Finish: Aluminum alloy cover, inner cover and optical support. Plain stainless steel hardware. Ordering Code Uses • Approach centreline, crossbars and side row barrettes. • Part of a comprehensive range of 8 and 12 inch diameter inset lights covering all aviation ground lighting requirements. Toe -in R = Left (for red light only) O = No toe-in (for clear light only) L = Right (for red light only) • Lightweight, sturdy, low-energy and environment friendly lighting fixtures (no cadmium plating). • Designed and built with simplicity and ease of maintenance in mind. • Extensive use of aluminium alloys limits fixture weight to less than 8 kg to ease handling in the field. Mounting 0 = Without shallow base 1 = With shallow base • Many components are common to all F-range lights. • Halved protrusion above ground (from 25,4 mm down to 12,7 mm) reduces vibrations induced in aircraft landing gear and in lighting fixture itself, thereby increasing lifetime, particularly for the lamps. Special Requirements S = Special requirements to be specified in full text • Shallow gully in front of prism windows maintains optimal light output under heavy rainfall. Note: Deep base and/or adaptor rings to be ordered separately . • Smooth outer surface of light cover avoids tire damage and makes light less sensitive to snowplows. Toe-in Coding • Outer prisms mechanically clamped to light cover through moulded, replaceable seals. Prism replacement by airport maintenance personnel is fast and easy and does not require any sealing compound or resin. Threshold Threshold • No optical adjustment required after replacement of lamp or prism. • Long life halogen lamps. 1000 hours at full intensity, in excess of 3000 hours in practical use. Without toe-in Toe-in right • Specific tools have been developed to ease installation and subsequent maintenance. Toe-in left • Standard adaptor rings for installation on 15”/16” dia. FAA deep bases. Specific rings available to fit mounting bases and seating rings to other standards. Power Supply 6,6 A through a 300 W isolating transformer (cat. leaflet A.06.110) installed under the light (

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APPROACH LIGHTING Installation The fitting may be installed either: 1. On a 12” aluminium shallow base with a depth of only 150 mm developed for this purpose. After correct positioning and levelling with a dedicated jig, the base is sealed in the pavement with suitable resin. The wiring between fitting and isolating transformer is installed in sawcuts filled with a similar sealant. 2. On a deep FAA L-868, LB1 or LB4 base (see cat leaflet A.05.120) using a dedicated adaptor/flange ring. Fig. 8 shows the example of a FAP-light mounted on a 12” diameter L-868 base. For detailed information,...

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APPROACH LIGHTING 7 1. Light fitting 2. Deep base 3. Secondary connector 4. Earthing lugs 5. Rubber gr ommet 6. Conduit 7. Spacer 8. Isolating transformer 9. Primary connectors www.adbsafegate.com Product specifications may be subject to change, and specifications listed here are not binding. Confirm current specifications at time of order.

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