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APPROACH LIGHTINGALSF High-Intensity Approach Lighting System WITH ELEVATED SEQUENCED FLASHERSCompliance with Standards FAA: Designed according to ALSF-1, ALSF-2, ALSF-2/SSALR Applications Uses ALSF-1, ALSF-2, and ALSF-2/SSALR approach lighting systems with elevated sequenced flashing lights are used at airports and military air bases to provide landing approach guidance, such as runway alignment, height perception, horizontal reference, and roll guidance extending from the landing threshold outward (2,400-3,000 feet) into the approach zone. ALSF-1 • The ALSF-1 approach lighting system is used on Category I Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) and includes up to 24 light stations (100-foot spacing) with up to 22 centerline bars of steadyburning lights (five lights to a bar) and up to 15 flashers. ALSF-2 • The ALSF-2 approach lighting system is used on Category II runways and includes up to 30 light stations (100-foot spacing) with 30 centerline bars of steady-burning lights (five lights to a bar) and up to 21 flashers. ALSF-2/SSALR • The SSALR approach lighting system has up to eight sequenced flashing lights and is used as part of a dual-mode approach lighting system (ALSF-2/SSALR) when Category I conditions exist on Category II designated runways. Theory of Operation ADB Safegate's sequenced-flasher lighting systems include a master control unit, junction boxes, individual control cabinets (ICC), and elevated flasher units. In the ALSF configuration, an array of light bars are installed symmetrically around the centerline of the approach lighting system, starting at the approach threshold and extending a total distance of 2,400 feet (731.5 m) outward into the approach zone up to 3,000 feet (914 m) at facilities where high-speed military aircraft share runway usage. Up to 21 flashing lamp assemblies are installed in the outer portion of the approach lighting system at regular intervals. Flashing lights are arranged and connected in such a way as to produce a sequenced flashing light signal that has the appearance of a ball of light traveling down the system from the outer end (flasher farthest from the runway threshold) to the flasher assembly closest to the runway threshold. Note: Steady-burning portion of ALSF system is ordered separately. See ADB Safegate PAR-56 data sheet 1042 for more details.

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APPROACH LIGHTING Master Control Cabinet Master Control Cabinet Equipment Data Input and Output Voltage The master control cabinet contains control circuitry and monitoring PCBs, which provide the power, timing signals, misfire monitoring circuitry, and three-step intensity control signals to the sequenced flasher assemblies in remote (120 VAC or +48 VDC control) and local mode. The master cabinet can control up to 21 sequenced flasher assemblies, providing power and trigger signals to produce a sequenced flashing light signal having the appearance of a ball of light traveling down the...

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APPROACH LIGHTING In-pavement Flasher In-pavement flashers are not available with this system. If inpavement flashers are required, see data sheet 2091.

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APPROACH LIGHTING Individual Control Cabinet (ICC) Each flasher unit is controlled by an individual control cabinet, which houses triggering circuits, terminal blocks, and lightning arrestors. A safety interlock switch is incorporated into the enclosure to discharge the high-voltage circuitry when the cabinet door is opened. Flasher Type 1 = Elevated Flasher 3 = Elevated Flasher Panel Only 5 = Elevated Flasher (Stainless Steel) Aiming Device The aiming device is used to adjust and measure the vertical elevation angle of PAR-38 and PAR-56 steadyburning or flashing lamp holders. The aiming...

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APPROACH LIGHTING Spare Parts Trunk Spare Parts Trunk includes I/O interface, Control PCB, ICC Flasher PCB, Bleeder, and Monitoring PCBs. Ordering Information The above equipment is supplied for the ALSF-1, ALSF-2, and ALSF-2/ SSALR approach lighting systems per FAA-E-2628. Spare Parts Trunk 44D1652 - X 1 X 0 Product specifications may be subject to change, and specifications listed here are not binding. Confirm current specifications at time of order. Note: Additional equipment may be required, but must be ordered separately: • PAR-56 Lamp Holder Assemblies • PAR-56 Lamps • Frangible...

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