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Airfi eld Mat

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ADB= Airfield Solutions INSTALLATION & MOUNTING Airfield Mat Uses • Controls vegetation around airport post lighting, directional signs, wind socks, fences and buildings • Reduces damage caused by mowing equipment to airfield lighting signs and other objects Features • The 6-mm (0.24”) thick mat is made from a dense compound of recycled rubbers with polyurethane binders and is anchored to the ground with a proprietary anchoring system • Patented product designed to protect airfield lighting signs and other objects from impact damage caused by large, imprecise mowing equipment • Lawn mower equipment can pass over the mat, cutting all the grass without the use of line trimmers while still staying a safe distance from lights or posts • The airfield mat provides a wider contingency space for mowers to cruise past each light or post • Cost-effective solution that controls vegetation in hard to reach areas without requiring extra labor to trim it or the use of environmentally damaging chemicals or poisons, protecting ground water, wildlife, and airfield crew from exposure • Prevents erosion around the base of light or sign fixtures, which can cause water to pool under the fixture • Eliminates extra labor and maintenance • The Airfield Mat System qualifies for Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding when bid as part of lighting, sign and fencing projects • The mat is available in two styles: round and “football”. The football mat is 4 feet wide by 7 feet long and uses 8 anchors to secure it in place. • Patented anchoring system and “football” shape are designed to allow maintenance crews with larger mowers to mow in a line, from light to light, making only one pass on each side of the light. Mowers can move in a more natural mowing arc around airfield lights, expediting the mowing process even further. • The airfield mats are large enough to prevent lights from disappearing in tall grass, which enables the mowing crew to see the lights better, preventing accidental breakage. Other smaller mats do not accomplish this same efficiency and often still require line-trimming to complete the job. Part Number Description for Base Can Mount FM-1-8wiFootball Mat, 8 anchors with 12” Insert for Stake Mount FM-1-8wi-181 Football Mat, 8 anchors with 18” Insert for Either Mount Special Order Smaller Round and Custom Mats * Universal configuration: 18” insert for stake mounted lights or main mat fits around base can lid. Covering can lid with insert is optional. ** For strip matting, measure perimeter extending 2 feet from base of sign or object to be protected. Customer Benefits • Saves money • Protects airfield lights • Saves labor time • Reduces health risks • Environmentally friendly • Installs quickly and easily • Long-lasting durability The anchoring system, which uses heavy duty ground anchors, ensures that the mats to not dislodge due to jet blast or high winds. The anchors also prevent the edge of the mats from being suck

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Installation The Airfield Mat can be used with either can-mounted or stake-mounted light fixtures. • Base can-mounted (Fig. 1) - The mat has a 12-inch center hole that snugly fits the rim of the base can, allowing direct access into the base can. • Stake-mounted (Fig. 2) - The mat has a smaller 8-inch inner circle with a 12-inch collar insert (or two) that snugly wrap around the light post. * Center hole can be custom ordered. Product specifications may be subject to change, and specifications listed here are not binding. Confirm current specifications at time of order. ADB Airfield...

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