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COMBO SMART FULL-PAGE E-PASSPORT SCANNER WITH OCR SOFTWARE LIBRARY & SDK UNIVERSAL SCANNER FOR ANY BUSINESS Let’s imagine a passport reader with the most universal usage. A compact, multi-purpose scanner that is optimized not just for personal data capture but also for ID authentication, making it ideal both for commercial and governmental use. We have been thinking – and come up with Combo Smart. Improving security at border control? Speeding up guest registration in a hotel? Scanning driver’s licenses for car rental? Know Your Customer (KYC) policy in a bank? Combo Smart reads data no matter how the information is stored – extracts printed items like text / barcodes and digital data as well. You name it: contact chips, contactless chips and even magnetic stripes in specific models. As for document verification, Combo Smart detects if the document is a fake, copied or forged in any way – via automated checks within just a few seconds. Browse through the different scanner configurations and find the model that best fits your checklist of features. Start using it right after delivery: it comes complete with its own demo software while offers 3rd party integrability too. MAIN BENEFITS ACCESS CONTROL BORDER CONTROL QUALITY ASSURANCE HOTEL CHECK-IN • A range of models for your specific business needs • ata reading & authentication by the same device D • etecting copied or forged documents D • uperb glare-free imaging S • ingle-step reading of printed & chip data S MOBILE OPERATORS TOWARD THE FUTURE IN SAFETY – SINCE 1991 ADDRESS: ALKOTAS UTCA 41, H–1123 BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, EU PHONE: +36 1 201 9650 • FAX: +36 1 201 9651 • EMAIL: S

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SPECIFICATIONS combo smart• full-page scanning up to ID-3 size • compact desktop format • dual antenna RFID system • high resolution 500 PPI imaging • visible white, IR, UV illumination • OVD visualization & reflection removal IMAGING Active Scan Area READING CAPABILITY PROGRAMMING & INTERFACES Supported Operating Systems MECHANICAL AND OTHER DATA Size (width x depth x height) / Weight * available in type ’L’ models, ** available in type ’R’ models, *** available in type ’S’ models, **** available in type ’M’ models Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This...

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