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Section 01 Product Description description The Zoe is a lightweight, multipurpose Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicle for commercial use. Its compact, foldable frame, supporting four rotors, is designed to meet the versatile demands for the creative and industrial market . Although it sports four rotors the system is still powerful enough to lift payloads up to 6 kg due to the low frame weight and custom designed brushless motors. general features Lightweight carbon fiber frame Up to 40 minutes endurance All weatherproof Single or dual operator setup ADS-B ready transponder AES128 encrypted...

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AVIONICS Flight controller Version Operating temperatures FLIGHT BATTERY Energy type Battery Recommended make and models Nominal battery voltage Minimum battery quantity Maximum battery voltage Minimum average battery voltage Cube flight controller Orange -40°C (-40°F) to + 8 5°C (185°F) Electrical Lithium Polymer Tattu 4500mAh, 10000mAh, 17000mAh, 22.2 V/ 6S 2 battery packs parallel 25.2V 21.0V

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Section 03 Flight table flight times These flight times are representations of the typical flight time in normal conditions and are depending on several factors. The conditions in which these flight times have been tested are at 20°C ambient temperature, a nominal wind speed of 8 knots while hovering at a height of 5 meters above ground. The ZOE is put back on the ground with 10 percent battery capacity left.

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DIMENSIONS Frame dimensions Rotor to rotor diagonal Diameter with propellers Height up to payload quick release Ground clearance top propeller WEATHER LIMITATIONS Maximum operating temperature Minimum operating temperature Maximum flight endurance Maximum wind speed Maximum wind gusts Maximum precipitation Maximum downfall (Ixwxh) 693x682x524 mm 970 mm 1310 mm 320 mm 388 mm +50°C -15°C 40 min 27 knots 33 knots Moderate rain conditions, although it is recommended to fly in dry conditions. 10 mm/h, 30mm/3h

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FLIGHT LIMITATIONS Maximum pitch/ roll angle Maximum yaw rate Maximum flight speed Flight modes Typical ascent Typical descent Hovering accuracy RTL cruise speed Section 05 Flight limitations 45 Degrees from horizontal 150 Degrees a second 91km/h horizontal GPS mode - Atti tude mode - Auto mode - Brake - Stabilize 5m/s 4m/s Vertical 0.05m/ Horizontal 0.05m Variable from 3 m/s to 9 m/s

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Section 06 Product Accessoires Accessoires The Acecore Zoe drone comes with a wide array of accessoires to configure to your needs. Depending on the mission, there’s options to choose from for controlling, transporting and using the highly dependable quadcopter. Payloads are intentionally left out of this list as they can be configured independently of the platform. For a current overview of available payloads please visit Acecore George gRound control station Built in 15.6” 2000 nits monitor On-board power True carbon fiber Integrated FrSky remote Dual- and...

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BATTERY PLATE Swapable battery rack Button quick release Vented carbon fiber frame Holds up to 2x 16.000mAh TETHER STATION Achieve unlimited flight time 60-100m power cord Redundant fail-safe battery Encrypted data transfer PANCAKE CASE Carbon fiber or wooden structure Foam cut interior Designated slots for George and batteries LR ALL-IN-1 LINK Up to 10km range Seamless drone integration Drone control & video- telemetry link in one

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