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X43 Program

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ACCURATE AUTOMATION CORPORATION 7001 Shallowford Road Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421 Phone: 423-894-4646  Fax: 423-894-4645 http://www.accurate-automation.com X43 Program The advanced configuration has flown at Eglin Air Force Base using the Accurate Automation Corporation AT-1500 turbojet engine for slow speed demonstration. The X-43A high speed version had our telemetry system which collected data from 479 sensors and transmitted them to the ground in real time. The Accurate Automation X43A-LS designed, developed and flown for the NASA Langley and Ames Research Centers. The X43A low speed version of the Mach 9.4 X-43A has the same body dimensions as the full scale vehicle. The plane has taken off under its own power, done pattern flying and had perfect landings. The X43A-LS was initiated to demonstrate the low speed handling characteristics of an aircraft with the size and shape of NASA’s Hyper-X scramjet test vehicle. Features of the AAC’s X43A-LS program  Fly-by-light cabling and PWM control communication on an X43 UAV.  Small 150lb thrust jet engine  Adaptive flight control including obstacle avoidance.  Autonomous flight control.  X43A flown using Accurate Automation Corporation designed and supplied telemetry and data acquisition hardware on the Mach 7 and 9.4 flights. Copyright © 2006 Accurate Automation Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2006 Accurate Automation Corporation. All R

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X-43A-LS UAV Using knowledge gained as a member of the development team, Accurate built the X-43A-LS. This aircraft has been flown at Eglin Air Force Base. The vehicle is capable of flying up to 270 mph for up to 20 minutes. A non-hypersonic configuration has been wind tunnel tested. A variant of this design is the full scale ALAMM jet powered decoy aircraft designed by Accurate. 12 foot UAV capable of autonomous flight carrying 40 lb payload Can carry various sensors including HDTV and NTSC cameras with on-boar telemetry Multi PC-104 Pentium processor flight computer onboard Can use...

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