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WORLD‘S MOST SUCCESSFUL DRONE DEFENSE SYSTEM HUNDREDS OF INSTALLATIONS WORLDWIDE! Real-time ALL frequency m onitoring (NO bands) Extremely high detection range of up to 50 km Ultra-wide frequency range (20 MHz to 8 GHz) Real-time AI frequency monitoring and 3D DF, i ncluding height information 360° full dome coverage with high tracking accuracy All-in-one solution, multi-sensor support, latest AI-based software Scalable for huge sites and borders Tracks drones controlled by 3G, 4G, 5G Locates drone swarms and drone operators

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Highlights Unique technology: real-time ALL frequency monitoring (NO bands) Real-time 3D DF frequency monitoring for all frequencies and directions Up to 16 THz/s sweep speed Tracks 3G, 4G and 5G drones Up to 14 km detection range Latest AI-based multi-target image and RF pattern recognition Optical triangulation with multiple PTZ cameras Ultra-wide frequency range (20 MHz to 8 GHz) Multi-frequency, multi-directional swarm attack detection Able to detect pre-programmed drones Can be switched to a fully automatic mode (no operator required) 360° azimuth and full 90° elevation gapless full...

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The best Anti-UAV system to monitor, detect and defeat unwanted drones After five years of development, Aaronia introduces its latest drone detection system – the AARTOS DDS Generation 6. Designed to detect intruding drones, the system is based on real-time directional measurements of a drone’s electromagnetic emissions (including its remote control). AARTOS DDS users receive warnings about incoming drones and alerts. Drones – more than just a nuisance Increasingly easy access to mini and micro UAVs makes them a growing potential threat to national and commercial security. Easy to produce,...

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Advantages of a radio communication solution RF detection of drone signals has significant advantages compared to other methods such as radar, optical and acoustic detection: • Safe detection – no false alarms Our system does not mistake UAVs for other fly ing objects such as birds, balloons or kites. AARTOS alerts include the brand and make of commercial drones Countermeasures The system can be extended to include an automated integrated jammer which effectively prevents a drone from receiving RF signals, thus activating its fail-safe mode, e.g. to hover and land safely or return to its...

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Command and Control Software Efficient drone detection requires intuitive display modes Simultaneous 2D Top-Down & 3D View A top-down 2D perspective is the most commonly used drone detection visualization. Clearly structured, it is easy to understand and navigate because of its similarity to common satelliteimage-based map solutions. Operators can zoom and move the map in real time The 3D view expands on the 2D perspective by adding the drone’s altitude information (this mode requires multiple drone detection systems). In addition, the 3D view makes it easier to evaluate distances between...

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Jammer Integration Mobile Handheld Jammer Fixed Bands Jammer (180°/360°) Programmable Sector Jammer Directional antenna, covers a total of 4 bands, 40 W (up to 2 km range) 2/4 sectors with 2/4 antennas, covers up to 15 bands, 180 W/360 W (up to 3 km range) or 650 W/1300 W (up to 8 km range) 8 sectors with 8 antennas, covers all bands up to 6 GHz, 240 W (up to 4 km range) or 800 W (up to 10 km range) Jammer disclaimer The AARTOS CMS (Countermeasure Solutions) can only be sold to entities with proper government approval for the deployment of jammers. For more information, contact us at...

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EO/IR Camera Integration Additional protection through visual detection (optional) Among the latest additions to the AARTOS DDS is the optional Visual Detection System - a fully integrated optical and thermal drone detection solution, perfectly matched to the RF detection mechanisms of the AARTOS Drone Detection System. This option enables the user to actually spot detected drones, even from afar, and identify potentially dangerous payloads attached to the drone, such as explosives. General technical specifications • • • • Operating temperature: -40° C to 65° C Operating humidity: 10 - 100%...

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Radar Integration The AARTOS system supports powerful 3D radar integration More than just drone detection Using an optional, sophisticated radar system, the AARTOS DDS can automatically determine and display the exact position, flight direction, altitude, speed and classification (i.e. make and model) of an inbound drone. The trajectory of the flight can be tracked in real-time as a 3D model. The system distinguishes between birds, fixedwing drones and propeller drones. When a UAV enters the designated no-fly zone, a multi-alarm can be configured. Typical radar for the AARTOS DDS © 2022 ||...

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Customer Hardware Integration Because software is key The AARTOS drag and drop construction setup Complete customization The required equipment can be configured in detail to match customer requirements. End customers receive hardware tailored to their specific needs, with all components chosen individually. This guarantees optimal drone detection performance in any given terrain or area. A typical setup for drone detection System Versions AARTOS DDS X3 (Laptop) Portable solution, omnidirectional, typ. range: 500 m - 2 km Designed to be used as a concealed and portable drone and jammer...

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System Versions Typ. Range Typ. Tracking Accuracy (Line of Sight)* Multi Frequency Swarm Attack ITU Class for Tracking Accuracy Amplifier Stages Simultaneous Band Coverage Sweep/Scan Speed Real-Time 3D Triangulation (in preparation) Max. Recommended Grid Distance Equipment Included Command Center / Remote Rack, IsoLOG 3D DF Command Center / Remote Rack, IsoLOG 3D DF Automatic Jamming Option Radar Option * Reference target at 2,4GHz (hovering drone), 1,5km distance (FCC) Scalable When using the AARTOS DDS as a scalable grid solution for drone and RF detection, we recommend placing the...

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