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AARONIA AARTOS DRONE DETECTION Mobile, self-sustaining, long-range drone detection container for events and renting Highlights: • Short deployment, perfect for event monitoring • Fully self-sustaining for up to 3 months • Gapless detection and surveillance in 360° Gewerbegebiet Aaronia AG II, DE-54597 Strickscheid Tel.: +49(0)6556-9019-355 Fax: +49(0)6556-93034 T^^owoooto E-Mail:

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✓ Available in RAL5010 (Gentian blue) or RAL9010 (Pure white) colors ✓ Solid construction in corrugated steel sheet metal ✓ Single door with locking bar and rubber gasket ✓ Forklift pockets on all four sides (lengthwise for pallet trucks) ✓ Steel sheet floor with rainwater drainage ✓ Tripod with three-point mounting and crank ✓ Passive container air exhaust through ventilation grille in door ✓ Made in Germany Power Unit Specifications ✓ Custom diesel generator ✓ Generator-cooling air supply through DN150 ✓ 95-liter diesel fuel tank with drip tray VA ✓ Separate battery, maintenance-free for...

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The AARTOS drone detection container sets a new benchmark in mobile and off-grid drone detection and video surveillance. Highly scalable and easy to operate, it can be set up and deployed in no time. It is the perfect solution for surveillance and drone detection at: • Events (concerts, parades, sport events etc.) • Industrial plants • Borders or open spaces • Airports, correctional facilities etc. • Military camps The AARTOS DDS Container deployed at the Swiss mountains Highlights • Highly scalable drone detection and video surveillance system • Remote-controllable with live video and...

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- OVER 100 INSTALLATIONS IN 2019 (HUNDREDS CURRENTLY IN PREPARATION) ICELAND ESTONIA LATVIA UNITED KINGDOM Military & police forces (ground & air) Convoys Airports Power plants VIP security services • Border patrols • Government buildings (e.g. embassies, correctional facilities) • Events (concerts, political events, sports etc.) • Seaports / marinas • Private properties JORDAN QATAR SAUDI ARABIA CUSTOMER GROUPS • • • • • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES MYANMAR SOUTH KOREA TAIWAN INDIA EQUATORIAL GUINEA ECUADOR SINGAPORE INDONESIA AUSTRALIA © 2020 || Aaronia AG, Gewerbegebiet Aaronia AG, DE-54597...

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