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ZOLLER Tool-Management-Solutions-Brochuere - 21 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

ZOLLER SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS TMS The ZOLLER solution for tool organization TMS Tool Management Solutions expect great measures

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“ZOLLER has been developing software since the early days of personal computers” Dear reader, When we demonstrate our tool management software we are often asked about our experience. After all this concerns “software, not machines,” they say. How do we answer this question? Our experience is difficult to beat — we have been developing software since the early days of personal computers. Since then, we have been providing innovative, and pioneering solutions specifically in the area of software development. As a current example: We are the first provider of tool management software offering the...

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Contents ZOLLER solutions 02 “ZOLLER develops software since the invention of computers” Editorial – System solutions to give you a competitive advantage ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions 06 8 good reasons for measurably more cost-efficient production At ZOLLER you get more than you expect Intelligent production with best perspectives – adopt existing data, download new data Your tool data under control. Any time, any place – flexible access Open to new ideas. Today and in the future – integrate third party systems A system adapted for growth? Of course – expand step by step Primed for success...

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8 good reasons for measurably more cost-efficient production Finding instead of searching You will always know which tools are available for which machines and where these are located. Reducing setup times The right tool at the right time and in the right place – always. Control-specific data output avoids entry errors on the machine and the resulting costs. Saving on stockroom costs You can see which tools are used how often and only order what is really required. Avoid machine downtimes All tools are always available, 24/7. Having the correct tools on the machines prevents collisions, tool breakage...

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Many pride themselves with tool management. But who can offer you perfect integration into your overall process? Data consistency from the CAM system through to the machine? With real tool data or downloaded from the cloud, ready for programming? Who can adopt your existing data and your data structure? And then offer you fast worldwide support on top? ZOLLER can. At ZOLLER you get more than you expect z.One > ONE data base for EVERYTHING From design to the finished part: all stations of the manufacturing process are linked via the central data base with all data: CAD/CAM department, warehouse,...

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Adopt existing data, download new data Intelligent production. With best perspectives. You can utilize existing cloud platforms with manufacturing-relevant data for your own process via the ZOLLER data base – at the push of a button. There is no simpler and more future-oriented way to optimize your production! utilizing own data structure continued use of existing data maximum process reliability maximum productivity Tedious manual data entry? Superfluous: all tool data provided on the cloud by leading tool manufacturers and catalogs are Strong partners for a positive outlook only a mouse click...

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Flexible access Your tool data under control. Any time, any place. Reliable access to your tool data, easy and organized from anywhere via smartphone or tablet, from the office, any terminal with web browser and, of course, from your ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine. Only ZOLLER can give you this flexibility! flexible access per iPhone/iPad from the tool presetter and measuring machine from any work station with web browser no elaborate installation necessary With the ZOLLER App you have full control of your tool data – quite literally: using your smartphone or tablet, you can access...

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Integrate third party systems Open to new ideas. Today and in the future. ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions can integrate all conventional third party systems without problems, from the ERP and CAM system via cabinet and lift systems through to the machines. Tool identification systems via chip or data matrix code and orientation towards future requirements in terms of Industry 4.0 have today already become a reality at ZOLLER. all conventional CAM systems cabinet and lift systems machine controls new developments for new systems CAM interfaces with user-friendly interfaces Everything as usual:...

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Expand step by step A system adapted for growth? Of course! The three software packages, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD, offer you everything you need for your manufacturing process. Modular design, freely expandable – and easy to implement. A software you can build on. modular design can be expanded as required easy to implement ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions grow with your needs – step by step. Start with the BRONZE Package and make your tool management considerably more cost-effective. Convinced? Then continue with warehouse management and the SILVER Package. Efficient warehouse management saves...

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The ZOLLER software packages Primed for success right from the start We at ZOLLER understand tools. Convince yourself! With its three powerful packages, ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions offer you everything you need for your entire tool management. Simply choose what suits you best: Incoming goods/Outgoing goods GOLD SILVER Package plus: Controlling Purchasing Tool maintenance SILVER BRONZE Package plus: Quality assurance Warehousing Design, CAD Production planning, CAM BRONZE BRONZE Tool assembly/Disassembly Presetting, Measuring, Inspection Production With the BRONZE Package you have your...

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BRONZE Package Cost-efficient tool management The scope of the ZOLLER BRONZE Package functions lets you organize your complete tools, individual components and accessories cost-effectively. All tools and tool components are captured, recorded and managed at a single location, duplicate and multiple data storage is avoided. —— Management of tool data Ideal software module for small and medium-sized businesses as introduction to meaningful tool management. —— Technological data and article characteristics “With ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions I can find my familiar user interface 1:1. This...

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