X Series Brochure for EMS - 12 Pages

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X Series Brochure for EMS

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Small, Light, and Powerful

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Almost Two Times Lighter Than Other Popular Monitors The X Series® extends the ZOLL legacy of smaller, lighter monitor/defibrillators. Pick it up. Feel the difference. At 11.7 pounds (6 kilograms), chances are it’s twice as light as what you’re carrying today. Most compact, best equipped Starting with a high-contrast, color display that simultaneously shows up to four waveforms, the X Series delivers the capabilities you expect from a full-featured monitor—for neonates through adults. And it can be equipped with a complete selection of best-in-class parameters, including Masimo® rainbow®...

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Compact and lightweight without compromise in performance or durability

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Making the difference for patients When several Arizona fire departments deployed Real CPR Help® in combination with scenario-based training, the likelihood of patient survival nearly tripled.1 In a study involving 373 medics and 484 patients, the odds of surviving cardiac arrest were 2.7 times better when Real CPR Help was used. A Tool for SHORTENING Pauses Pre-shock pauses as brief as 10 seconds adversely impact survival.2 The X Series is equipped with industry-exclusive See-Thru CPR® Unfiltered ECG signal during CPR filtering technology. It reduces the length of interruptions by removing...

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CPR Dashboard is a real-time window on the key metrics of high-quality compressions.

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12 Leads on Screen Improve Trace Quality The STEMI View lets medics see trace quality simultaneously in all leads. Confidently record a 12-lead ECG with the expectation it will be clean the first time and ready for transmission without delay. STEMI View A Window to Serial ECG Changes Unstable patients call for extraordinary vigilance. Substantial ST changes can occur between the initial transmission and arrival at the hospital.4 The Split-Screen View keeps medics on top of the situation by displaying the real waveform next to one that was previously acquired. Split-Screen View Quicker, More...

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Confident decisions from the field Fast, efficient delivery to the cath lab

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DESIGNED WITH CHARTING IN MIND The X Series is designed with electronic charting in mind. It redefines what a monitor should send to the patient record. The built-in memory ensures a complete patient record is transmitted by capturing 24 hours of event (ECG and vital signs) or trend data, and up to 1,000 time-stamped events. TRANSMIT AT THE SPEED OF WIFI The X Series simplifies transmission. Its standard communication package makes wires, cables, and "dongles" a thing of the past. It is the first monitor to integrate WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB capabilities as part of the standard...

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The X Series redefines how a monitor should work with your charting system.

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X Series View up to four waveforms of your choice. Switch from a brilliant color display to either high-contrast black-and-white or night-vision mode to ensure visibility under extreme conditions. Visual Alarm Indicator Oridion Microstream® Capnography Masimo® rainbow® SET Pulse CO-Oximetry

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Resuscitation View You get unequaled support for CPR. Display CPR Dashboard along with the real-time depth indicator and the filtered ECG that See-Thru CPR provides. Ready-for-Use Indicator Welch Allyn NIBP with Sure BP® and SmartCuf® Patient-Specific Settings Select the mode—Adult, Pediatric, or Neonate—and the alarm thresholds and energy levels will automatically adjust. SurePower System The lithium-ion SurePowerTM II battery delivers six hours of continuous run time. That’s enough power for even the busiest EMS operation. Preconnected CPR Stat-padz® for monitoring, pacing,...

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Impacting Outcomes Link by Link Early Intervention Early Access Early Defibrillation Early ACLS Post-Resus Care Data Management and Analysis Early Intervention Early Defibrillation Immediate defibrillation is the single most important factor in saving an SCA victim’s life. ZOLL’s LifeVest® Wearable Defibrillator is the ultimate early intervention for high-risk patients. Patients benefit when AEDs are deployed. While the AED Plus® brings simplicity to the public responder, the AED Pro® delivers the durability expected for the first responding BLS provider. Early Access Early ACLS A timely...

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