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CONTROLS / INDICATORS Handheld Remote Controller: ZOLL AED Plus® Trainer2: Press to turn on Trainer2. Press again to start current scenario (as selected using Remote Controller). Press and hold down to turn off Trainer2. The buttons above the line on the handheld Remote Controller are Set-up Controls, which the instructor uses to select a training scenario (an LED lights next to the selected scenario). The buttons below the line are Training Controls, which the instructor uses to introduce events into the training scenario. Show current scenario selection (press once) Start scenario (press again) Move Up to next scenario. CPR Metronome On/Off Button Enables the CPR metronome to beep for the selected Training Scenario. The LED above the button lights to indicate that the CPR metronome is enabled. You should enable the CPR metronome whenever CPR-D padz® are connected to the Trainer2. For the next analysis to result in NO SHOCK ADVISED, push the No Shock button. Once the No Shock button has been pushed, the next simulated heart analysis will advise NO Shock. This setting cannot be reversed for the next analysis. Press On/Off Button to turn Trainer2 on. Green light turns on, indicating Trainer2 is ready for use. Remote Controller: In all scenarios the Pads Button must be pressed once to proceed with analysis. If pressed again, it will begin to prompt for attaching pads. Action: Install 4 “D” alkaline batteries in the AED Plus Trainer2. Action: Install 2 “AA” batteries in handheld remote. Turn the Remote Controller on by pushing the View/Enter Button. The Instructor uses the Remote Controller to control prompts during a Training Scenario’s CPR period. The instructor can use the following buttons CPR PROMPTS to simulate the use of an AED Plus defibrillator with Real CPR Help. Remote Controller: Good Compressions Button Manual Scenario Mode Pressing this button during the CPR period causes the Trainer2 to issue the GOOD COMPRESSIONS voice prompt. Intructors should press this button to provide students with positive feedback when they respond to the PUSH HARDER prompt by improving the depth of chest compressions View/Enter Button Scenario 1: SHOCK - SHOCK Trainer2 unit: Scenario 2: NO SHOCK - SHOCK Action: Turn Trainer2 unit off (hold down On/Off Button). Scenario 3: SHOCK - NO SHOCK Scenario 4: NO SHOCK - NO SHOCK NOTE The Remote Controller lights indicate the current training Accurately imitating the student’s AED Plus unit requires instructors be familiar with the protocol currently followed by the AED Plus for PUSH HARDER and GOOD COMPRESSIONS prompts. Setup test is now complete. Trainer2 unit and Remote Controller are ready for use. Training Controls: Pads attached/not attached to victim’s bare chest (toggle-switch). NO SHOCK advised on next heart analysis settings while the Trainer2 simulates the actual AED Plus behavior. SELECT SCENARIO SETTINGS Remote Controller: If the Push Harder or Good Compressions Buttons are pushed when the Trainer2 is not beeping, the unit’s red light emits three quick flashes, indicating that the prompt is currently invalid. Press the On/Off Button to turn on the Trainer2. (only when CPR Metronome is beeping). GOOD COMPRESSIONS prompt (only when CPR Metronome is beeping). Pause (resume) current scenario. Action: Press the View/Enter Button once to turn on the Remote Controller. 3b PAUSE/END SCENARIO Remote Controller: Use Move Up Button to select desired scenario. Use CPR Metronome On/Off Button to turn Real CPR Help® (beeping) on or off for this scenario. Press the View/Enter Button once to transmit the selected Training Scenario to the Trainer2 unit. The Remote Controller will turn itself off after 10 seconds. The Remote Controller will remember the last scenario setting which reappears the next time the View/Enter Button is pressed. Action: The Push Harder and Good Compressions Buttons are only valid during the CPR intervall. The red light on the Trainer2’s status window emits one long flash if the prompt is currently valid. (manual mode only). PUSH HARDER prompt Action: Push Harder Button Pressing this button during the CPR period causes the Trainer2 to issue the PUSH HARDER voice prompt. Instructors should press this button when a student's chest compressions are too shallow. Point Remote Controller at unit and press View/Enter Button again. Green light on Remote Controller will show Manual Scenario Mode is selected. Manual Scenario Mode Action: VF (Ventricular Fibrillation-shock advised) is the default simulated heart rhythm in Manual Scenario. When a CPR period occurs in the Training Scenario, the CPR metronome begins to beep at 60 compressions per minute (CPM), then automatically accelerates to 100 CPM after a few seconds. Metronome beeps are independent of the student's actual compression rate and continue until either the CPR interval ends or the the instructor ends the scenario. Remote Controller: Green light remains on = Trainer2 is on and ready for use. Green light off = Trainer2 is turned off or has no battery power. Red Light steady = Last command from Remote Controller accepted. Red Light 3 flashes = Last command from Remote Controller is invalid. Set-up Controls: View/Enter scenario Action: In all scenarios (manual and automatic), the rescue can be paused by pressing the Pause/Resume Button once. Press it a second time to resume the scenario. In all scenarios (manual and automatic), the rescue can be ended by pressing the End Button once. For further information about the functioning of the clinical AED Plus, see the AED Plus Operator’s

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TROUBLESHOOTING AED Plus Trainer2 problem/ display: Trainer2 does not respond (green light in status window is not lit) when On/Off On Button is pushed Replace all four D batteries in Trainer2 unit. Remote Controller does not respond (scenario selection is not lit) when View/Enter Button is pushed. Replace both AA batteries in Remote Controller. Trainer2 does not beep or react to Remote Controller during CPR interval. Re-set scenario and make certain that CPR metronome light is on. Trainer2 announces breathing prompts, OPEN AIRWAY and CHECK BREATHING. Unit is configured for ERC. Change to...

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