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Electrodes and Internal Paddles - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Pediatric Solutions Pediatric Resuscitation

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Because Children Are Not Just Little Adults Too often, clinicians who treat children need to compromise and adapt devices designed for adults because there just isn’t a pediatric version available. That is not the case with the ZOLL® R Series®, which has unique pediatric capability built into the defibrillator to optimize resuscitation of children. With smart, simple, and safe pediatric support, whether you need a solution for a single pediatric department or an entire pediatric hospital, the ZOLL R Series offers the most extensive pediatric capabilities available in a professional defibrillator. The...

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Pediatric AED Algorithm Adjusts for Pediatric Rhythms In the event of an arrhythmic arrest, as soon as the pediatric electrodes are placed, the R Series automatically adjusts its AED analysis algorithm to pediatric parameters. This reduces the likelihood that a compensating rhythm will be terminated, enhancing the likelihood that unique pediatric ECG morphology will be identified when a shock or cardioversion is indicated. Constant Current Pacing for Bradycardia ZOLL's constant current pacer has been proven to deliver more capture with less current than competing devices, ensuring support for...

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Focus on Simplicity Minimizes Errors and Confusion paddles are stored inside the adult paddles. And the R Series Automatic Testing Assures Defibrillator Readiness uses the same OneStep™ cable to connect both adult and Pediatric resuscitation is infrequent, but pediatric electrodes as well as internal spoons. devices must always be ready. The R Series The R Series keeps things simple for clinicians. The pediatric Safe Operation Is a Priority When the pediatric automatically performs a daily 100-point selftest, with the electrodes attached. The test will even alert to expired electrodes. If the...

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