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Power Brochure - 9 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

The power of Zoeftig

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Zoeftig – seating solutions that power ahead Over 45 years’ experience Recharging your batteries in more ways than one. With a particular focus on the passenger terminal market and transport waiting area seating, the Zoeftig name has over the years become synonymous with innovation and the highest possible quality standards. Our groundbreaking and pioneering products can be found in airports, railway stations, bus depots, cruise and ferry terminals and waiting rooms the world over. Whether through an ongoing commitment to rigorous research, the development of new design process methodologies or...

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How do you want your power ? Bespoke solutions for public seating Zoeftig has power ranges tailored to the needs of public seating solutions: Charge If you’re looking for a more flexible range of power options, it’s time to take Charge. With a compact design that slots effortlessly under tables, under seats and between the back of seats, the Charge power unit offers a choice of international socket types and USB ports ideal for full cross product charging capability. Boost Enhance your power options with Boost from Zoeftig. Boost’s ingenious design makes it ideal for a multitude of different locations...

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inFINITE power options 01 Charge between back power 02 Boost table top power Powerful solutions 03 Boost under seat power 04 Boost double arm power Powerful solutions The creation of some of the most stylish and comfortable seating solutions around isn’t the only way inFINITE is helping the busy airport traveller to ‘recharge’. Boost and Charge power socket options Thanks to its unique modularity and in-built flexibility, inFINITE can accommodate a wide range of convenient power options: between seats, under seats, on top of table and many more. Our new innovative power product, Boost, is also...

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Zenky power options 01 Charge under table power 02 Charge under seat power Powerful solutions 03 Boost under seat power 04 Boost under table power Nowhere is the in-built flexibility and cutting edge design of Zenky seating more evident than in its ability to incorporate a range of ingenious power options. Boost and Charge power socket options Whether it’s a mobile phone or a laptop, camera or entertainment system such as an MP3 or portable game player, rest assured Zenky has the convenient power solution for busy airport travellers on the move looking to recharge their devices. Moreover, the...

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Case studies Giving power to the world San Diego International Airport, USA San Diego International Airport was conceived with cutting edge design at its heart, shaped around the demands of today’s technology savvy traveller. Keen to continue the high-tech theme throughout, a terminal seating solution was needed which met the traveller’s high-end requirements. Zoeftig was recognised as the industry leader, and its unique PowerArm the product that best met the airport’s needs. 2,200 seats were installed throughout the airport, with the cleverly designed seating solution providing unrivalled comfort...

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Case study Powering Hong Kong International Airport Hong Kong International Airport, China Zoeftig’s Far Eastern portfolio is expanding fast. With a new office now open in Kuala Lumpur, and the company having already fitted out major terminal developments in China, the Zoeftig name is fast becoming known and respected in the region. This position has been further strengthened with the completion of Zoeftig’s latest fit out, as part of Hong Kong International Airport’s new HK$10 billion Midfield Concourse (MFC). Over 5,500 of its inFINITE seats and 1,600 power positions were fitted as part of the...

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Case studies Powering Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Atlanta International Airport, USA Where in-seat power is concerned, America is driving demand in the market. Zoeftig is the market leader and continues to be the innovator for in-seat power solutions, supplying many of the world’s leading airport terminals. Demand continues to soar in the US, and this is driven by a desire to give passengers the comforts that they expect from a modern terminal. Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (ATL) is the latest in a long line of installations, with Zoefitg having been tasked by...

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Dedicated to public seating perfection & South America Kings Hill Industrial Estate United Kingdom INTERNATIONAL TRADE Middle East, Africa & Indian Subcontinent Marwan Factory Al Quoz Industrial Area Nol P.O.Box 8349 Dubai (UAEl Asia Pacific Balakong Jaya Light Industn Selangor Darul Ehsan Kuala Lumpa Malaysia

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