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InFINITE - 13 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

inFINITE airport and waiting area seating

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inFINITE seating, whatever the setting Over 45 years’ experience Over the years, the Zoeftig name has become synonymous with innovation and the highest possible quality standards. Our pioneering seating products have revolutionised the industry and can be found in airports, railway stations, bus depots, cruise and ferry terminals and waiting rooms the world over. The inFINITE range, from Zoeftig, is a groundbreaking airport seating solution that takes design freedom and seating flexibility to new heights. Calling upon all our specialist expertise, inFINITE is the first truly modular airport seating...

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Seating sculpted to your needs Relax, it’s inFINITE inFINITE is the shape of things to come. Literally. Our own specially developed Z-form polyurethane takes resilience and durability to new heights, and is ideally suited to meeting the demands of today’s modern passenger terminals. It’s also exceptionally easy to clean, an important consideration where there’s high passenger through-flow. A high degree of design flexibility, thanks to the huge range of colour options available with polyurethane, goes hand in hand with stylish good looks. The inFINITE range comes in a wide range of stunning finishes...

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Seating with simplicity at its heart Easily the most dynamic seating solution on the market Simplicity doesn’t just happen. On the contrary, it takes years of research and the combined efforts of some of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable designers and engineers to develop a range so simple to assemble, to reconfigure, to replace, to service, to clean and maintain. What’s more, the even spacing of arms and legs and revolutionary design with its minimal footprint, means inFINITE is exceptionally easy to clean. Every last shape, surface and component junction has been carefully designed...

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Flexibility that goes to greater lengths The possibilities are inFINITE inFINITE is a seating system solution that truly lives up to its name. Because this advanced system offers a range of options that just goes on and on. With inFINITE, unlike more conventional seating solutions, the beam has been designed out. The first modular system of its kind, inFINITE incorporates a range of standardised elements and completely does away with the notion that a row of seats must be prescribed by its beam length. So, if you want a continuous run of seats running from one end of the airport to the other,...

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Flexibility, versatility, infinity An airport seating solution with inFINITE possibilities Kunming Wujiaba International Airport - inFINITE PU 10

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InFINITE Recliner The seating that helps you relax, then recharge Powerful solutions You’ll never find the design and engineering teams at Zoeftig lying down on the job. Unless, of course, it was during the testing and research that went into the development of one of our more recent and more innovative seating solutions, the inFINITE Recliner. It’s yet another illustration of how Zoeftig is constantly looking to respond to the requirements of today’s air traveller to create a more restful and relaxing airport environment. Powerful solutions 01 inFINITE with between seat power The creation of...

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inFINITE Solo Curves in all the right places Seating with dual benefits inFINITE Arc back to back 20 seat Not so long ago, if a passenger needed somewhere more private to work or relax, the only real option was to seek refuge in the business lounge. When it comes to developing dynamic and different seating solutions, Zoeftig knows a thing – or two. But that was before inFINITE Solo. inFINITE Duo is a cleverly designed seating arrangement that provides dedicated space and privacy for two people. With its large central table and optional power supply, it’s an ideal solution for two work colleagues...

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Seating solutions waiting on your every need Taking seating solutions to the world Portsmouth International Port - inFINITE PU 16

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Seating setting the right example Corporate and social responsibility At Zoeftig, we are continually developing our manufacturing process and operations in order to minimise their impact on the environment. Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that sits at the heart of our business. This encompasses three main areas: As well as offering unprecedented levels of flexibility, inFINITE Duo is a shining example of sustainable production. • Environment – we are constantly exploring how to minimise the environmental impacts of our products and operations through increased product longevity, better materials,...

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Technical and dimensions For further information email For CAD downloads visit inFINITE 10 seat configuration inFINITE 10 seat full table option inFINITE Recliner back to back 581 inFINITE Solo inFINITE 7 seat configuration inFINITE Arc inside curve 5 seat inFINITE 7 seat full table option inFINITE 4 seat configuration inFINITE 5 seat configuration With arms inFINITE 5 seat full table option inFINITE Arc outside curve 5 seat inFINITE 4 seat configuration inFINITE PRM leg and raised seat inFINITE 4 seat full table option inFINITE Arc back to back 10 seat inFINITE...

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04 InFINITE deep upholstered in fabric or leather 05 InFINITE leather or PVC closed stitch (C.S.) 07 InFINITE free-standing foot detail 08 InFINITE free-standing foot detail underside 09 InFINITE fix down foot detail 10 nFINITE anti-slip foot detail underside 11 InFINITE back to back bracket 01 Compact laminate full table 02 Compact laminate half table OA Compact laminate recliner half table 06 Compact laminate finish UK Schuko French/Belgium Danish Italian Swiss Australian Chinese US Brazilian 07 InFINITE power module with 2 x power sockets and Twin USB, power socket options shown below 08 Boost...

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Dedicated to public seating perfection INTERNATIONAL TRADE Guild Mark Awarded by The Furniture Makers' Company & South America Middle East, Africa & Indian Subcontinent Marwan Factory Al Quoz Industrial Area Nol Kings Hill Industrial Estate United Kingdom Asia Pacific Balakong Jaya Light Industn Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia Kuala Lumpa

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