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ZARGES main catalogue 2017 - 356 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Access. Packaging & transportation. Special construction.

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ZARGES – the highest quality for the highest demands. Uncompromising quality combined with continuous innovation in the areas of access, packaging and transportation, and special construction – this is ZARGES, Europe’s first light metal manufacturing company, with more than 80 years experience. Decades of market leadership enable us to offer products which set market benchmarks for safety, durability and innovation. We are continuously optimising our products, services and software and extending our service provision with one major aim: to have the ideal customised product ready for you for any...

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More about ZARGES NEW New Boxes & cases from page 10 Containers, baskets and pallets from page 70 from page 02 Containers, baskets and pallets Trolleys, shelving system and logistics solutions from page 76 03 trolleys, shelving system and logistics solutions for the healthcare sector Ladders from page 120 from page 04 Ladders 05 ZAP ZARGES work platforms and mobile platforms ZAP ZARGES Work platforms and mobile platforms from page 174 07 Optional special equipment, accessories and spare parts Steps and Platforms from page 186 IndPodTRP_IL_ai.eps Optional special ­equipment, accessories and spare...

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ZARGES – Innovations As an innovation leader, we are constantly improving our systems and products and extending our range. Our top priority – to provide the optimal solution for any task because good ideas always come from closely working together with our customers. Specialist users can use our current catalogue to find products for the widest range of uses. Enjoy discovering! K 470 truck toolbox: Easy to secure and remove. More from page 42. K 470 with IP 67 rating: No chance for water and dust. More from page 40. Labelling system: An optimised ordering process with the “traffic-light system”...

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Maintenance platforms and gangways Z 600 und Z 500 S-PLUS COMPACT folding scaffold units: Fixed and mobile maintenance platforms and gangways for optimal and secure working at height – to exactly match your requirements More on page 204. Safer, faster, retrofittable – now also for the folding scaffold units Z 600 and Z 500. Further details on pages 246/247 (Z 600) and page 250 (Z 500). Innovative accessories, e.g. stile extension: Maximum non-slip performance on rungs and ­platform. Further details on page 140 and 147. For more safety, protection and ergonomics in any situation. More on page 212

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PACKAGING & TRANSPORTATION Optimum packaging, transportation and storage – this wide range includes just the right ZARGES case for any requirements. With our wide choice of interior fittings and mobility solutions and a comprehensive range of accessories, you can make a ZARGES case your ZARGES case – a tailor-made and indestructible companion. Containers, baskets and pallets Boxes & cases Trolleys, shelving system, Storage solutions for the healthcare sector

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Innovation and quality from the market leader – details that make the difference. For many decades, the name of ZARGES has stood for top quality. The ZARGES quality management system was examined within the framework of a certification audit and complies with the latest standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. We work to this and other standards, regulations and laws. This is reflected on one hand in the reliability and durability of our products, which meet the high expectations placed on them by our customers and partners. On the other hand, this ensures that we improve workflows within our company by...

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Interior fittings ZARGES has the right interior fittings for every packaging task. The wide range of standard fittings already solves many packaging problems. In addition, ZARGES offers the right foam linings made to your specifications for any transport problem, no matter how unusual. Broad range of products ZARGES offers a broad range of products, from the lightweight K 405 to the sturdy K 470 universal containers or the water-vapour-proof K 475 special containers. Special applications such as the Mitraset® 19“ rackmount case or ZARGES special containers finish off the range. The case range...

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ZARGES boxes & cases – always the optimum solution by professionals, for professionals.

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ZARGES boxes & cases - safe packaging and transportation. ZARGES cases and boxes are the solution for safe packaging and transportation - by professionals, for professionals. Their distinguishing features include their lightweight, yet extremely stable and durable design. They are stackable, heat-resistant and robust, making them the market leader and an instant classic since their introduction in the 1950s. The Worldwide famous ZARGES K 470 container is a key part of the series, it has been developed over the course of many years and is used across the globe - from the North Pole to the deserts...

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Top product from ZARGES – the new K 424 XC Mobile Box combines the legendary quality of ZARGES cases with new mobility. 1 ZARGES K 424 XC Mobile Box – made by professionals for professionals. The requirements placed on a mobile box vary as widely as those of the p ­ eople who use them. So how does the ZARGES K 424 XC Mobile Box manage to meet all these needs? How does it fit the requirements of aid organisations, fire services, industry, the trades, the film and ­ p ­ hotography sector and the leisure industry in equal measure? The answer is simple. It is reduced to the essentials: optimum protection,...

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Integrated castors ensure mobility – at all times. Robust ZARGES quality ensures high load-bearing capacity. Lightweight aluminium design. Comfortable pull h ­ andles for ergonomic handling. Extra-large additional castors increase ground clearance where required. F ­ lexible interior fittings offer solutions for almost any packaging task. Stacking corners. Shock resistant plastic stacking corners for extra rigidity and safe stacking. and corner beads. For additional dimensional stability. castors as standard. Optimum mobility due to special castors made from polyurethane and polyamide. sprung...

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