The ZARGES K 411 Case – a perfect expression of elegance and robustness - 12 Pages

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The ZARGES K 411 Case – a perfect expression of elegance and robustness

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Colin Spencer, Sales Director For those who push the limits at work too. The ZARGES K 411 Case – a perfect expression of elegance and robustness

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So legendary. So elegant. The new ZARGES Case. You like to make the perfect impression in your profession. You can take the knocks – even in your free time. You push yourself to your limits and beyond. And you are looking for a prestigious case for all your important and valuable items. ZARGES has made history with its legendary aluminium case – robust and versatile, for the most diverse applications. A new era is beginning with the ZARGES K 411 Case. The case combines the strength and durability of the ZARGES Box with the prestigious elegance of a modern desi

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Alex Robinson, Medical Technician

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So many uses. So many solutions. The Office Case Whether for business meetings or personal, one-to-one discussions: the ZARGES Case offers you space for your important documents, presentations and much more. Picture: Case with lining The Business Case Would you like to present your collection to your sales partners? Impress potential business partners with a case that is prestigious both inside and out? The ZARGES Case is perfect for your professional image. Picture: Case with customised foam inserts The Instrument Case Whether for instrumentation, medical equipment or many other special...

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Emma Lloyd, Project Manager

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So many projects. So many successes. The Measurement Case Impressive precision: with the ZARGES Case, you have everything to hand for high-precision measurement. And will impress your customers at the same time with its perfect and elegant style. Picture: Case with lining The Instrument Case Perfect service looks like this: whether in clean rooms or hospitals – with the ZARGES Case, your competence as a service technician is demonstrated immediately by the image you project. Picture: Case with customised foam inserts The Presentation Case Present with style: even if the presentation...

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Andrew Porter, Product Manager

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So much design. So many functions. The two smallest sizes have a space-saving fold-down handle Ergonomic handle For excellent comfort and stability every time Easy to use Easy to operate locks with combination locks and integrated catch spring retention (anti-opening feature). Enduringly elegant Plastic elements protect sensitive surfaces from scratching. Contents optimally protected Peripheral seal to protect against dust and splashes.

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Ergonomic handle Easy-to-operate combination lock Lid support, for cases with lining Exclusive design Elegant, prestigious design for presenting the perfect image. Durable and robust Surfaces made of high-quality anodised aluminium and innovative, scratch-resistant plastic shells. Strong and light Sturdy design and practical weight.

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The ZARGES K 411 Case So many possibilities. See No.

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Matthew Kemp, Field Technician Case with lining – for the professional image With attractive, black interior fittings as standard and a practical lid insert for small items, documents and business cards. Individual foam inserts – to suit your equipment We manufacture tailor-made foam inserts in a large range of materials to provide perfect protection and functionality geared specifically to the goods you are transporting. For further information regarding cases and customised foam inserts, contact us at +49 881 687 130 or

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ZARGES – Access. Packaging, transportation. Special construction. For more than 80 years, the brand name ZARGES has been synonymous with premium quality and consistent innovation strength. As an innovation leader, we are constantly improving our range and creating solutions and products that are consistently tailored to your needs. Because good ideas always come from closely working together with you: our customers. Our top priority is to always provide you, as a professional, with the right solution for every challenge. For your safety and efficiency. Find out more about the ZARGES K 411...

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