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Where the action is. The new Zarges K 424 XC. - 24 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Where the action is. The new Zarges K 424 XC.

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24 crew members. 5 cameras. 1 box with star quality

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For you, the superlative is the norm. Do you go the furthest, build the highest, dig the deepest, and always give your best? That’s why the new ZARGES K 424 XC was designed for you. On the film set and in countless other locations, it demonstrates its star qualities every day. Discover its almost unlimited mobility, exceptional equipment, uncompromising protection and unbelievably low weight. We proudly present ... the K 424 XC: your indispensable companion in the adventure o

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1,753 nails. 986 screws. 1 box that gives you all. As a long-standing partner of and supplier to the trades, we know the widely varying and specific requirements of specialists in the construction industry. And all this know-how and our experience with the material aluminium has gone into the development of the ZARGES K 424 XC: That's why it's in its element surrounded by concrete mixers and crawler excavators. Tough, stable and almost indestructible, it protects your valuable tools every day, while its individual interior fittings make sure everything is kept in order. With various wheel options...

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4,235 metres above sea level. 8 degrees below zero. 1 box above them all. When the going gets tough and the air gets thinner, one box is ahead of the field: the new ZARGES K 424 XC. After all, this mobile, lightweight aluminium box is continuing a long-standing tradition. Since the 1950s, cases and boxes from ZARGES have been the containers of choice for researchers, explorers and extreme athletes, because they know their equipment will still be in perfect condition when they reach the peak of that mountain, on the high seas or after crossing the desert. Wherever life may take you, this box on...

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218 tons of ore. 156 tons of steel. 1 box made of aluminium. When you're involved in large-scale projects, you need to know you can rely on absolute professionalism, in every area and right down to the smallest detail. ZARGES products and solutions meet these exacting requirements. They are the market leaders in the industrial sector – and rightly so. And the ZARGES K 424 XC is further evidence of our uncompromising stance when it comes to quality and innovation. On major construction sites, in aviation and on overseas assignments – your valuable goods will remain reliably protected, even under...

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11 friends. 34 match days. 1 box that's ready for promotion. Poor form, injuries, suspensions – there are many unpredictable factors on your way to the top. But there is one reliable constant: the new ZARGES K 424 XC. It combines all the qualities you could hope for in a member of your team. It is agile, manoeuvrable, always ready to pick up the ball and a good runner, whatever the ground conditions. And it's so tough that you can practically rule out the risk of injury. At home or away, on the team bus or a plane, the ZARGES K 424 XC will keep your equipment safe and in perfect condition, wherever...

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3,500 hours of development. 68 times in pole position. 1 box on the winner's podium.

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If you're looking for an easy way to transport, pack and store valuable or sensitive objects, you can either go on racking your brains ... or get the new ZARGES K 424 XC. With its individual range of equipment and well thought-out accessories, it offers optimum and reliable protection for highly sensitive devices in the field of research and development. When you need precision right down to the hundredth of a second, the ZARGES box offers record timing. And because it's not only inner values that count in life, its puristic and ergonomic design will convince even the most dyed-in-thewool aesthete

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365 days on standby. 100 percent performance. 1 box for extreme situations. Some situations require peak performance from people and equipment. You've practised and perfected every move. You've tested every piece of equipment and stowed it away ready for action. In situations like these, the ZARGES K 424 XC is a reliable helper. There are good reasons why fire brigades, emergency services and numerous aid organisations have been using ZARGES boxes for almost 70 years. And it is this first-hand experience that is reflected in the design of the ZARGES K 424 XC. With even more stability, ergonomic...

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453 flying hours. 7 hours of A-checks. 1 box in use on the move. The requirements placed on a mobile box vary as widely as those of the people who use them. So how does the ZARGES K 424 XC manage to meet all these needs? How does it fit the requirements of industry, trades, film and photo­ graphy sector, leisure industry, relief organisations and fire services in equal measure? The answer is simple. It is reduced to the essentials: optimum protection, the highest level of mobility, minimum weight. That may sound unspectacular at first, but anyone who has had to put up with other solutions for...

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The ZARGES K 424 XC: Facts and figures.

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Stacking corners Shock-resistant plastic and integrated stacking elements to ensure stackability ZARGES Comfort fastener Off-road set 0 220 mm with support All-terrain wheels for unlimited mobility on all surfaces Interior fittings Wide range for versatility and flexibility Base foam insert as standard Removable, made from abrasion-resistant PE foam Sizes and dimensions. Choice of 6 models in standard sizes. Their capacity ranges from 28 to 195 l. Inside dimensions L * W * H, approx. mm

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Customise your K 424 XC with our range of well-thought out accesso ries for many individual solutions. With a versatile range of equipment, you can make the ZARGES K 424 XC your ideal companion, wherever life may take you. The K 424 XC series comes equipped with a set of wheels of 0 50 mm. Wheel sets of 0 125 mm and 0 220 mm are available as options. Wheel set 0 125 mm - smooth-running set of wheels for uneven surfaces and long distances ■ Set of wheels with solid rubber tyres and plastic rims, non-marking. ■ Increases ground clearance to 50 mm. ■ With high-quality ball bearings and plug-in axles. ■...

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