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Special solutions

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Special solutions for industry and plant engineering

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Oil    Online configurator for steps and bridging steps page    06 02    Planning system for fixed ladders page    08 03    System modular kit for special solutions page    10 05    Work and maintenance platforms page    16 06    Fall protection and guardrails page    20 Lift cars and access units Access solutions 01 Steps and bridging steps 10 Mobile scaffold towers Mobile work and maintenance platforms

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08 Lift cars and access units 09 ZAP ZARGES work platforms 10 Mobile scaffold towers Fixed ladders Fall protection and guardrails Stationary work and maintenance platforms Tanker steps

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IDEA & OFFER ■ Individual solutions. ■ Solutions in consultation with our specialist consultant. ■ Excellent price/performance ratio through the use of configurators and system modular kits. ■ Detailed offers with drawing and 3D model around the clock. IMPLEMENTATION & REALISATION SERVICE & SUPPORT ■ Technical documentation. ■ Reliable supply of spare parts. ■ Seminars and training courses. ■ Product testing. ■ After-sales service. ■ Prompt assistance in the event of problems.

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Quick solutions through standardisation. Swift implementation and delivery. On-site assembly by our specialist personnel possible. High quality and safety. Compliance with all relevant standards. TÜV-tested constructions. CONTACT Find your ZARGES distributor at: www.zar

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<7* 01 Online configurator for steps and bridging steps It's as easy as this: configure - submit - done! www.creaxess.com Take advantage of our 24-hour online service! Stationary steps or mobile platforms: The ZARGES online configurator simplifies the configuration of your access steps including all relevant standards. The advantages for you ■ Standard-compliant online configuration with real-time 3D visualisation. ■ Direct offer including 2D drawing with all important dimensions. ■ 3D-model drawings for importing into your plans/ construction plans (after approval by ZARGES). ■ Delivery...

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individually configurable steps and bridging steps for access or for maintenance work on industrial installations and machinery Configuration options ■ Indination angles of 45° and 60°. ■ Vertical heights of up to 4,510 mm with 45°. ■ Vertical heights of up to 5,250 mm with 60°. ■ Tread widths of 600, 800 and 1,000 mm. ■ Choice of tread surface: aluminium, grooved, or steel open grid. Further options can be configurated online. No special product know-how required: Just follow the instructions on the screen! The system will guide you and prompt you to enter all relevant information such as...

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It's as easy as this: configure - submit - done! http://accessiadder.zarges.com/ Take advantage of our 24-hour online service: Maintenance or emergency ladders on buildings or machinery access ladders: The new ZARGES planning system simplifies configuration of your fixed ladder system including all relevant standards. The advantages for you ■ Standard-compliant online configuration with real-time 3D visualisation. ■ Direct offer including 2D drawing with all important dimensions. ■ 3D models for importing into your plans (after approval by ZARGES). ■ Downloads of static calculations,...

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ZARGES fixed ladders offer an inexpensive solution for emergency ladder systems, access to machinery and plants and other permanent means of access for building maintenance. All components are from a single source, are optimally matched and allow individual adjustment to the specific application and the on-site requirements. Quick and easy assembly on site helps to make them so cost-effective! Fixed ladder for access to machinery Stationary fixed ladder on a silo We are there for you: Personal advice from your ZARGES expert. Take advantage of our online configurator for fixed ladders....

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■ Surfaces for platforms and treads. ■ Platforms. ■ Steps and ladders. ■ Guardrails and scaffolding. ■ Adaptation to contours. ■ Chassis. ■ Height adjustment. ■ Accessories. The advantages of the ZARGES system modular kit: ■ Adaptable to your individual needs. ■ Low weight for easy movement and manoeuvrability. ■ High-precision, dimensionally accurate yet sturdy design. ■ Form-locked connection of the individual modules. ■ Corrosion- and solvent-resistant for a long service life -no surface protection required! ■ UV-resistant. ■ 100 % recyclable. ■ Ergonomically designed for industrial...

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Surfaces for platforms and treads Aluminium, serrated Aluminium, XCut Metal profile grate, embossed Open grid Aluminium ribbed plate Example of a straight platform Example of a U-shaped wooden platform Example of a platform with ramp Platform with maintenance trapdoors Fixed steps Access steps with variable angle of inclination (quadruple-beam steps) Telescopic steps

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Guardrails and fall protection Horizontal sliding Self-closing door Pole barrier Rotatable door Sliding plates Sliding coffers Extension, manual Extension, mechanical/electrical Mechanical, via gear racks or cable winch Sliding plates, fan-shaped Height adjustment Hydraulic, incl. Safety Mechanism

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Stabiliser with extension, swing-out Stabiliser with height adjusters Telescopic stabiliser with height adjusters (90°) Castors with brake and Total Stop Triple castors with brake Flanged wheels Setting roll Sigma padding Tubular padding Corrugated padding Fork-lift brackets Quick-release device Guide rollers Barrier tapes/chains Tool trays Media – electrics Media – lighting

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04 Access solutions In the ZARGES system modular kit, we offer the following, in various designs: stationary/mobile steps, ladders or ramps, in combination with rest platforms or a work platform. Special steps with two levels Push-up ladder with platform Laterally movable steps for slanting access Fixed steps with swing-out guardrail doors Swivelling steps

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