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ZARGES– Access. Packaging, transportation. Special construction. For more than 80 years, the brand name ZARGES has been synonymous with premium quality and consistent innovation strength. As an innovation leader, we are constantly improving our range and creating solutions and products that are consistently tailored to your needs. Because good ideas always come from closely working together with you: our customers. Our top priority is to always provide you, as a professional, with the right solution for every challenge. For your safety and efficiency. To find more information visit our website www.zarges.com/defence Solutions for the military, police and disaster relief services We reserve the right to make technical modifications without notice. All measurements and weights are approximate values. Date of issue: Date of printing. Reproduction of this or in part, only with the approval of ZARGES GmbH.

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ZARGES –the highest quality standards for special tasks. Uncompromising quality combined with continuous innovation – for more than 80 years this is what ZARGES has stood for. Decades of market leadership in the areas of access, packaging and transportation, and special construction enable us to offer products which set market benchmarks for security, protection and ergonomics. ZARGES containers are ideal for packing electronic equipment, first aid material and other sensitive goods for the military, police and disaster relief services. The containers are extremely lightweight yet stable,...

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More about ZARGES Our solutions at a glance Mitraset® 19'' rackmount cases from page 6 Mitraset® 19” rackmount cases Mitraset® Classic Mitraset® Racklite Mitraset® Racklite Basic Mitraset® accessories Mitraset® applications and special solutions Special containers from page 28 K 475 transport and storage container Shelf container Y-containers Hood-type containers RetouF® collapsible cases K 473 heavy-duty case Bulk containers Special solutions Boxes & cases from page 40 K 424 XC Mobile Box K 470 Universal Container Hazardous goods containers K 470 Plus hood-type container Paint finish and...

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© Taurus Systems GmbH Airtight special container for transporting and storing missiles. BY container: special container for first aid material Secure protection for electronics K 473 heavy-duty case and K 470 universal case for air-transportable drinking water treatment units

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K 470 weapons containers – protection against unauthorised access Hood-type containers for large medical equipment Height-adjustable work platforms with contour adjustment to enable optimal maintenance work Wide-version assault ladder K 424 XC Mobile Box – mobility over any surface Mitraset® for transporting electronic equipmen

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Mitraset® 19" rackmount cases

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Mitraset® 19" rackmount cases Mitraset® 19" rackmount cases Mitraset® 19" rackmount cases Mitraset® 19'' rackmount cases are the number one choice for transporting highly sensitive electronic equipment. Whether for military, aerospace or industrial applications, Mitraset® 19'' rackmount cases provide protection against moisture, shocks, impacts, vibrations and electromagnetic interference. With its Mitraset® RRF (Removable Rack Frame) and Mitraset® Racklite products, ZARGES has genuine innovations to make handling even faster and simpler. Discover the multitude of applications and...

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Mitraset® 19’’ rackmount cases Mitraset® 19’’ rackmount cases – for transporting electronic equipment Mitraset® 19’’ rackmount cases are made of aluminium and are designed to hold electronic equipment in a 19’’ grid in accordance with DIN EN 60297-3-100 and EIA-310-E. The electronic equipment requiring protection is placed and fastened in place inside elastically suspended anti-vibration frames for optimal protection. Protection features Mitraset® rackmount cases are primarily for use in: Military applications, telecommunications and the electronics industry. Transport infrastructure such...

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Mitraset® 19'' rackmount cases The new Mitraset® 19'' rackmount case range ZARGES has extended its Mitraset® range for the different needs involved in transporting electronic equipment. The Mitraset® Classic rackmount case has been complemented with the new Mitraset® Racklite and Mitraset® Racklite Basic. Mitraset® 19'' rackmount cases Mitraset® 19“ rackmount cases Mitraset® Classic ■ For loads up to 60 kg. ■ 3 to 12 rack units, nominal depths 350 to 762 mm. ■ Commercially available rubber shock mounts with standardised (non-configurable) performance. ■ For loads up to 100 kg. ■ Higher...

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Mitraset® 19“ rackmount cases/Classic Mitraset® Classic – lid, handles, stacking features S tacking features as recesses on top. S tandard cases with reinforced ribs. Recesses on side walls for drop handles. R ecess also suitable for accommodating protective pressure compensation valve and humidity indicator. Screw-down lids can also be supplied. With ergonomically designed ZARGES Comfort handles. Mitraset® Classic also with hazardous goods approval. 4B / Y 80 / S / 17 / D BAM 5470 - ZARGES Stacking features bottom Side views Layout of handles, stacking feet and recesses for different...

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Mitraset® 19“ rackmount cases/Classic Mitraset® Classic – vibration damping Unwanted mechanical vibrations often occur during transport and other situations. These may have a negative effect on the functioning of electronic components and thus represent an increased safety risk. Mitraset® rackmount cases offer a solution to vibration problems in military, aerospace as well as in industry applications. They are tested to MIL-STD-810. For special requirements, a modified Mitraset® rackmount case has been developed and undergone successful testing in accordance with the strict MIL-STD-810 F...

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