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Catalogue excerpts


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OVERVIEW IDENTIFICATION OF WORK   The PRESENTATION identifies types of Common Use Self - Services (CUSS) and describes their functionality, design, specification and the differences between them in order to determine the most appropriate type in your airport to expand and / or upgrade the Airports’ self check – in and drop – off sys

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The scope of work concerns four types of CUSS: ▶ SASS as well as the description of ZAMAR HUB IT system to operate the equipment and software of the CUSS to enable the operations of the machines

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION ALL in ONE - is a separate unit (perhaps, even a separate hall in the terminal) which consists of a group of self check-in and baggage drop-off kiosks. Since the CUSS software is scalable, the CUSS kiosks is can be applied to all airlines operating flights from the certain terminal. Due to the reduced width of 120 cm, this type of kiosk saves 40% of the Terminal's space compared to a stationary kiosk; thus at the equal section of the check – in area there can be set to 40% more self check – in kiosks, which will give a noticeable increase in the capacity of your airport terminal...

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FUNCTIONAL OF SELF-REGISTRATION DESK “ALL IN ONE” ▶ Self check-in; Self baggage drop off; Hand baggage handling; Travel documents’ verification including corrections; Payment for excess baggage; Control of the size of checked baggage; Control of presence and readability of luggage tag; Printing boarding pass; Facial recognition

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION DUAL - is a completely new type of stationary check – in desk, which depending on the needs of the ground handler and / or the availability of self service in the airline, can be transformed from a stationary check-in desk to a self service one. At the same time, technologically embedded parameters allow using only one set of equipment in both modes: ▶PC ▶ATB ▶Scanner ▶Payment terminal for excess baggage Thus, without expanding the terminals and increasing the number of check-in kiosks, it becomes possible to significantly increase the airport's capacity by increasing the efficiency...

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FUNCTIONAL OF SELF-REGISTRATION DESK “DUAL” ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ Self-check-in and drop off; Standard check-in and drop off; Hand baggage handling; Travel documents’ verification; Payment for excess baggage; Control of the size of checked baggage; Control of presence and readability of luggage tag; Printing boarding pass; Facial recognition, e - tag and etc. Weighing of luggage; Sending the passenger's luggage

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DISTINCTIVE FEATURES OF “DUAL” 11 TYPE OF CUSS “DUAL” type of CUSS differs from “ALL IN ONE” solution by having two monitors which gives an opportunity to use it in two modes, since this type of CUSS can work either with or without check - in officer. By turning the monitor the stationary check - in desk becomes SELF check - in and drop - off service.

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION BISS - Build in self service is a completely new type of self-service kiosk built into the existing infrastructure. This type of kiosks has adjustable height settings and can be adapted to any of the existing check – in desks. A distinctive feature of BISS is the use of a weighing and marking conveyors of a stationary check - in desk. As well as the DUAL it allows to use the existing infrastructure and transform the stationary check-in desk into self service but on its own set of equipment. This type of kiosks is not intended to make any changes in the work of the stationary...

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FUNCTIONAL OF SELF-REGISTRATION DESK “BISS” ▶ Printing of a boarding pass; Scanning bar codes from paper; Scanning bar codes from electronic displays; Sending the passenger's luggage to the sorting room. This type of CUSS is designed to be installed at the stationary check-in desks, which ensures self-passengers’ and baggage check-i

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(Stand-alone self-service kiosk)

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION SASS- Stand alone self service. It is self-passengers’ and baggage check-in kiosk installed in the common area. A distinctive feature is the presence of scales for weighing the baggage, i.e. in addition to the standard boarding pass our kiosk issues the baggage tag, so the passenger needs only to drop off his luggage at any stationary desk. This type of kiosks allows to increase the speed of passengers’ check-in process significantly, so on average it will take 10-15 seconds only for each passenger with the luggage to issue the boarding pass and baggage tag. A significant advantage...

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FUNCTIONAL OF SELF-REGISTRATION DESK “SASS” ▶ Printing of a boarding pass; Scanning bar codes from paper; Scanning bar codes from electronic displays. This type of CUSS is designed at the passengers’ check-in area separately from stationary check-in desks and belt conveyors. Using this kiosk, a passenger is able to check-in and to print out the baggage tag only. In order to drop off the luggage the passenger has to go to the special drop off

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ZAMAR HUB Flights The "Flights" tab displays the list of flights for the required date at a certain airport and filter by airlines: It: SVO If: SVO It: TO #: SVO If: TO If: SVO If: SVO IE: SVO

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ZAMAR HUB Hub Nodes This tab displays all the kiosks that are currently on the network. Details can be obtained by clicking on the "(i)" icon: Modn b|    Tyva / Mod*    Stop*    Airport    lari wan    C Want    Sow    Not*

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ZAMAR HUB Hub Nodes BISS The full information on a particular type of kiosk is displayed by clicking on the icon (i): Type Kio*fc/DropO»VRe Print PUa COUNTER-40 Not* 1040 Autti K*y GAG68FUKFQAr>87DMFKPYKNPJRY)OnT)f STKD Airport SVO/Terminal D    I Rite** HUB-SVO RadpHrdGr™* HUB SVO ConAf 01731? / ZAMAR Typo    log (aval    Updotsd    Ur*    Stoto    irtn Updated    IP

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REGULATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS The CUSS system developed by Zamar is certified by the following GDS and equipment suppliers: ▶ Sirena - Travel Custom Group

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